Bathroom Blues....

  • Hi, I have a question about....Ahem, cough, cough....going to the bathroom! Straight to it....I've never had a BM every day ever in my life, sometimes not going for 4 days and have always felt okay with it but lately it's been up to 6 or 7 days without going and it's so uncomfortable of course... I eat lot's of fiber...fruit, name it...execise as I should, walk a lot....I've tried stool softeners too...does not help that much.

    My question is...I wanted to try eating Prunes or drinking the juice...will this help does anyone know? for BFL how many Prunes would a portion be? also maybe raisins??

    I also have some flaxseed, anyone tried that?

    Any other suggestions would be really appreciated! thank you everyone!!

  • prunes work for me.  i have a container of them right here.  lol.  7 prunes is a 1 1/2 oz serving and has 24 g carbs and 3 g fiber (100 calories).  

    i also have a recipe (somewhere)  where you combine applesauce, prune juice and unprocessed bran.  i'll post it along w/ instructions once i dig it up.

    good luck!

  • Hi jaypbee, thank you! I'm going to give them a try and hope they help!

  • Water, water every where.  I had the same problem in the beginning but that all changed with I focused on getting the appropriate amounts of water.  

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  • Prunes are great, I buy the individual packs of 4 or 5 at 100cals.  John