Time Management

  • For the past 2+ weeks, I've been spending all my time preparing.  Packing three meals, plus a self-made protein shake every day.  Cleaning up after it.  Cooking dinner.  Making a smoothie for my last meal.  I've been cooking gourmet meals, wth gorcery bills over $140 (one week - for just me).  All this on top of working out in the morning before work.  I realized today that I can't keep up.  I'm starting to cut corners.  I'm losing too much time out of my day.

    I've decided to start keeping a close eye on protein, fat, and calories - and to give myself a break with the cooking and the packed lunches.  Today I went to Subway and picked up a sub that I split between two meals - I knew the full nutrition info before I went.  I packed a shake for my first meal, which I had after the gym, and a protein bar (Clif) for a fourth.  The only cooking I have to do today is dinner (so relieved).  I love cooking, but there are just those days that work takes it all out of me. 

    How do you keep up?  I feel guilty by telling myself, "I'll just go to Subway for lunch during the week - they make healthy stuff and it'll probably cost me less than what I spend on groceries - not to mention the time I spend cooking lunch in advance."  But I feel so relieved when I do it.

    There is no fate but what we make for ourselves.

  • Everyone's needs are different and the amount of "free" time we all have is different for each person as well.  Something *I* do is instead of making several meals each day right before the meal is to be consumed... I'll take Sunday my free day and cook/prepare lots of (not all) my meals in advance.  I'll hard boil several eggs for my tuna fish that way I'm not having to boil one or two eggs every day.  I'll grill several servings of chicken at once that way I'm not having to make chicken right before every meal that I'm eating chicken.  I prepare my tuna fish a few days in advance.  When I make stacked eggs I usually add onions and mushrooms to them... instead of prepping them right before the meal I'll have it all chopped up on Sunday my free day and put into ziplok bags as their own individual servings so when it is time to cook them in the morning the prep-work is already done for me.  I'm not sure what your schedule and time is like so you may not have that luxury... but either cooking several meals in advance on your off day and then freezing them... or at least prepping the stuff for your meals and getting them portioned out in advance should save you a ton of time.  Hope that helps.

  • I do my food prep on Sundays. I brown 3LBS of lean ground beef and 3LBS of ground turkey ***.  

    Then during the week i pack my meals out of this and add carbs (cooked carrots peas yams etc.)

    And I eat my protein shakes and cottage cheese mixed with yogurt. I do NOT cook every day unless you count mixing cottage cheese and yogurt together as cooking.  Or microwavinga  yam as cooking

  • I was just thinkin this last night. Think Ill sit down this afternoon and plan my meals so i can do lots of prep on sunday.

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