burning fat and aging!

  • hey there fellow BFL'ers! i want to thank all of you for being available with words of education and encouragement, and now im seeking more of both...

    I've recently re-started my BFL journey...after having done it several times in the past and always getting great results, but subsequently falling off the wagon once i've gotten where i felt i wanted to be. in the course of doing this, i developed a bit of a cavalier attitude about my weight loss, feeling that.. if i gained it back.. i could simply hop on the old body for life fat train and shake those extra lbs like a bad habit.   Well now im paying the price for my ignorance, im older..42, and finding my body no longer shakes that fat off as quickly as it used to.. im doing all the same things cardio-wise and with the same intensity as i used to as a younger man but simply not getting the results. my eating is the same as before, i try to follow the 6-meal plan as close to the letter as possible.. but again.. not seeing any readily visible results.   I've usually stayed away from the supplements offered here, mainly because im on medication for my blood pressure and i was afraid they might interfere with it, but now im considering asking my doctor about using them, ( the CLA for example to help with the fat burning) any suggestions anyone? do i need to, for example.. push my cardio interval training time to 30 minutes as opposed to 20? push through my levels more? again, i dont want to get comfortable, but i dont want to push so hard that im wiped out after training and i start to lose my encouragement. i'll appreciate any help that any of you guys can give me.




  • What week are you currently in?

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  • db, I'm 42 also...had great results way back when as well, then enter child number 3; before Christmas I finally decided to get back on the BFL wagon...so glad I did. I'm now in my 2nd consecutive challenge and will finish next Saturday with my 2nd 5K...down 35# and 25 or so inches.

    You mentioned that your eating is same as before and that you try to follow the 6 meals as close to the letter as possible...I'm gathering that you don't have as much lean muscle as back then and your body is not burning the fat as fast so you will need to watch the calories/food you put in your body. If you really want to get technical about it, go to Hussmanfitness.com and calculate your BMR (basal metabolic rate) to see how many calories you have to have in a deficit in order to make this work for you. I've been reading a bunch here lately and it might be what you are needing...

    Also on the cardio, if you wanted to add extra cardio, I wouldn't add extra interval training, rather maybe a 20 minute cooldown walk on the treadmill to help.

    This program can work for anyone, you just gotta work the program the right way!

    Hope this helped and didn't confuse you!!

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  • thanks for the info deb.

  • im at 6 weeks in michelle.

  • OMG I am having the same conversation with my husband... I am 42 and have not worked out for a few years due to health problem. I just completed my first challenge with ok results. I did not have a lot of weight to lose(scale weight) 10-15 lbs but desperately needed to shape and tone. the problem I am noticing is that i look bulky, I see the muscle but there is no shape because the fat is still there. I am so frustrated and confused now. I don't know what to do when I get to the gym, more cardio, more reps, less weight ????? am overwelmed. please help so maybe it is the age thing. my belly area looks the same as when I was fat, in clothes I look ok.

    BTW I am planning for another challenge.