A different way to measure progress.

  • Anybody remember the 80's song by the DiVinyls called " I Touch Myself?"  Well despite the naughty context of that song.  I have started really trusting how different body parts feel when measuring my muscles.

    Take my arms for example, when I first started 11 weeks ago, I would tense up an arm and using the other hand just test to see what still jiggled.  The skin and fat just sloshed around.  Now when I do it, I still have some movement, but alot less.  My legs are another matter, when flexing my quads and calves now hardly anything jiggles, just a bit on my inner thigh.

    The other day I was tensing my abdomen and got lots of jiggle still, but I noticed something else....OBLIQUES!  There was actually something firm under that fat.  Imagine that.

    Now one of my silly but fun things to do is to stand in front of the mirror, tense every muscle I can and hop up and down a bit.  Every week there is less stuff that moves.  I still have that belly and love handles to work on.  No biggie, by continuing to eat right and exercise it is just a matter of time before that is gone as well.


    So go ahead...do it, touch yourself.







  • =)  would jumping up and down in front of the mirror be considered cardio?  LOL  

    I have found that you are right except in a different way, i purchased a good smelling yet relatively inexpensive bottle of lotion, this is for the ladies mind you, and in the mornings after i shower i have started putting on lotion, from top to bottom, i can feel certain muscle groups have started to "do something" like my quads and hamstrings and my calves, my shoulders a bit and my back some - the thing is i can FEEL these changes yet cannot see them in the mirror yet, that gives me motivation SO i am with ya JamesK!!!!

    I promise i am not "wierd" either LOL                 Have a great day.

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  • You're absolutely right. Washing in the shower is a great way to check for "jiggly stuff". Another favourite of mine is "belts and pants". They tell the truth.

    fit4life "The dream must be bigger than the pain"

  • Hahaha!  A long time ago someone told me you knew you were getting out of shape when you brushed your teeth and everything jiggled. :)  

  • JamesK~

    I love that song!

    Touch is key. Here in the BFL world we can talk about things that sound kind of weird outside of this world. As I started feeling and seeing the progression in my body I started doing more girly caring things for myself. For example...lotioning my body. That was an eye opening experience. I would notice different changes in my body regularly then. Another great thing to do is to work out in front of a mirror. I used to make fun of the meatheads that work out in front of the mirror. Now I do it. It truly helps see form and definition. You will come to appreciate the changes in your body on a weekly basis.

    Keep the faith!

    Faithful Renee :0)