• It's week 3 day 3....I barely made it through my weights today. my muscles are all  acting like jello and I am just really tired...I am looking better just feeling drained...anyone else? I am not overtraining...cardio went well yesterday..drank a Carb sense Myoplex shake within 30 minutes of my workout...

    I am monitoring my food and water intake very carefully...just want o go to sleep right now...

  • Are you eating carbs today??

  • yes I did.

    I had a Myoplex lite bar this morning at 6 because I thought I had read that on weight training days it's ok to eat something before working out, then had a carb sense shake within 30 min.

    just finished my lunch which was about 3 cups of leafy  greens, bean sprouts, cucumber, green papaya shreds, cilantro, 4 oz of lightly sauteed leftover London broil and a little bit of onion, about 1/2 cup of rice noodles and then my Vietnamese fat free sauce on that all tossed together...unfortunately craving French fries  but  I think that stems from not being able to have them...I am full...

  • I have Celiac disease so the carbs I eat I have to be careful with...many gluten free things are a little heavy on the fat so I am not currently eating anything other than potatoes, rice noodles which I buy at a Vietnamese store and corn tortillas, but I haven't had any tortillas in 2 weeks..

    I noticed that the Myoplex shakes sometimes upset my stomach and wondered if they had any gluten in them...

    I HAVE to cook for a family and my family is thin. I'm running out of ideas...I can only get away with so many grilled and plain meats...I made spaghetti one night, but I cannot eat it so I wound up with just a salad for dinner.. I am trying to monitor the fat and portions in what I've been cooking.

    My spouse is supportive, but also slender and loves his veggies and salads, but expects me to jazz things up a bit...I mostly stay home now so I don't expect him to cook( not that he wouldn't, he does, but he's been very tired from travel lately)

  • Your body is really changing and I too notice in week three feeling drained. Make sure to get the carbs and plenty of water. are you doing extra cardio? I had a lot of fat to lose so in other challenges did do extra cardio but it will really take its toll on you if your not getting enough carbs.

  • no, no extra cardio...going to walk to pick my kids up today, but that's because it's nice out...not planning on getting in cardio mode...

  • I'm also W3 D3/17.  I'm with you...have been very tired the last few days, even while sticking to the EFL plan.  Feeling better today, though.  Seems like the sleepiness comes around lunch time for me.  I have been upping my weights and my speed on the treadmill, so I think I'm just solidly kicking my own butt and my body's maybe feeling healthily tired.  Last night, I actually had a cup of coffee around 7:30 just to keep awake for a while longer.  Can't be going to bed at 7:30 every night!

  • that's what happened to me a few times! crashed on the couch at like 8!

  • I'm in week 9 and tired pretty much all the time. My workouts are killer and they just exhaust me. The other day at work, I went into my car and napped on my lunch hour. I don't know if this tired thing is normal or not.

  • Alex,

    I am also on W3 D3 and today was the worst for me yet.  Don't get me wrong, I had an excellent work out this morning and have eaten right all day, but also have been tired.  So far I've been contributing it to getting up at 5 and not stopping till 9:30.  

    I can say this much however, the first two weeks I felt zombie-like in my tiredness.  Even though today I am tired; overall this week I am feeling the start of that extra energy people keep talking about.  

    I hope you can find something else that will work for you and your family food wise.  Keep up the great work.  We are in this together!!


  • Hi ladies

    I used to suffer with this problem on a regular basis, would be eating properly but just completely fatigued pretty much from the moment I woke up. I carried on trying to workout but just got to a point where I was too exhausted to go to work, not good.

    Fortunately a 5 line article in one of fitness magazines permanently solved the problem for me (it may not be the same for all of you but its worth a try).

    The article stated that it is vital that women who partake in regular vigourous excercise (hands up if your cardio is vigarous) take a daily iron supplement. Excercises causes our red lood vessels to be torn thus releasing the iron they are carrying which then gets secreated through our waste. Couple  this with your monthly cycle and woolah tired, exhausted, energyless and on the verge of tears.

    I've taken an iron supplement everyday since I read that and havent had any more problems. Sure I get tired by the end of the week but not the complete exhaustion i was getting just like you ladies are describing here. easy way to see if the programme has made you a little anemic is to look at the inside of your lower eyelid, it should be really red if its pale thats a good sign you need more iron.

    Either way its not gona do you any harm and if that is what it is you'll feel better in a couple of days.

    "The future will be made up of the present. By taking good care of the present, we take good care of the future." Thich Nhat Hanh

  • Good post Sian - may I add that by eating both carbs and proteins in the right portions, and every 2.5 - 3 hours, there wont be that dip in fatigue/energy levels. Eating enough and properly is key to making Body for Life work. Those that read the book prior to doing the program will understand that better.

    Research, read, read, read! :)

  • Sorry that should have been red blood cells not vessels that would be scary lol

    "The future will be made up of the present. By taking good care of the present, we take good care of the future." Thich Nhat Hanh

  • Hi again Alexandra, I just read this post... I know it can be so challenging when you have an allergy to gluten...

    Have you tried brown rice pasta? it is delicious, my daughters love it. You can also buy gluten free bread, there is only one brand I really like, it is Udo's. It comes frozen so you can use it just for yourself. You can also get gluten free oats.. (bob red's mill brand) where they process them so they won't be contaminated with barley or other grain with gluten.

    I read somewhere that Myoplex was gluten free.. but I will like to make sure. I think it might be, because at least I haven't been bloated as I was when I didn't know about my allergy.

    But if not, there are other protein powders without gluten.

    I make my grocery shopping throught amazonfresh, and they have there many gluten free products..

    I also used to get brown rice tortillas, but the store I used to buy it .. it is gone.. :(

    There is also a gluten free brand named Wow company, they make wonderful cookies and cake mixes. (Of course this would be only for your free day) Because they come frozen you can keep them till you use them.

    Well I hope this helps. There are some very nice gluten free products.. and also some not as nice :)

  • I admit I haven't tried brown rice pasta. The gluten free items  I do buy I get at Whole Foods. I have 2 loaves of bread and some stuff from Kininikinnick foods all frozen....I am happy so far with them. I buy my rice noodles and the like from a Vietnamese store since I have been for years. I'm a big foodie and we eat a lot of Asian food.

    The brown Rice pasta was like $7 for 14 oz bag. I think I can stick to a the 32 oz bags of regular rice noodles for $1.57 and just eat brown rice...although I have a bag of Bhutanese Red Rice in the store cupboard..

    I have some brown rice tortillas in the freezer, I haven't used them yet. I actually prefer corn tortillas..I've heard Udo's mentioned before as well as the Bob's Red mill gluten free oats...I don't feel the desire to bake much so not too worried about the desserts...I usually stick to berries and meringues...I haven't had gluten free things that were bad yet, but if I do I'll pass it along so YOU don't have to!

    I'm a bite of a carb a phobe. I was re-reading BIll's book and I try to eat just enough carb to fuel the workouts not my tush! left to my own I could devour all the potatoes in Idaho! my fave food...

    "boil em, mash em, stick em in a stew...lovely golden chips..."

    Samwise Gamgee, Lord of the Rings , The Fellowship of the Ring...