Hard to eat properly at work! Ideas???

  • Hi there! I have been able to follow my plan to a T for 2 weeks now, my job requires me to get up at 2am, and I am at work at 4. It's pretty low-stress, and I can eat my perfectly portioned meals on time no problem. I am at the gym by 1pm every day after working. Also no problem. Here's the deal... this "easy street" is only temporary... I go back to my "regular job" June 1st. Let me describe the scenario...

    Lines of cars backed up to the street all day long, 3 out of 5 days, no lunch break allowed, no 15-minute breaks allowed, you are lucky if you get to take a pee when you gotta go!. No lie, I work at a very very busy place, customer-service based (of course). On your feet on the pavement under the hot sun. A couple of years ago, I was stupid and thought if I just didn't drink too much water, I wouldn't have to pee as much, but that backfired as I got a kidney stone.

    Eating consists of shoving a single bite of whatever in your mouth between customers, and rudely chewing and nodding at them while you help them.

    My plan of action is to go to the gym before work, so I can definitely get it in, as I am physically and mentally wiped after a full 10 hour day, but the eating part worries me. Anyone else have any hard-core "eat-on-the-go" type foods recipes that do not require any time for such silly things as heating up in a microwave or utensils? Should I just drink Myoplex shakes all day long?

    I know my food planning is going to become pivotal (sp?) at this point, and thankfully I am really good at planning and prepping ahead of time.

    Thoughts? Ideas?

  • I don't have a job where eating is an issue.  I do however have 2 kids with activities in the evening and am running from 4:00 until 7:00-8:00 most nights.  I keep those packets of albacore tuna handy and applies in my car.   Neither need to be heated or refrigerated and make a nice meal on the run.    

    I also always have a meal replacement bar with me for emergencies.   I've had meetings run over my meal times and was able to just pull one out of my purse.  They tend to have a lot of sugar in them so I wouldn't use them daily.

  • protein pancakes might be a good alternative. they are good cold,  

  • also i just made some sweet potato protein pancakes that are also yummy

  • Yummmmmmmmmm can I have recipe for the sweet potato pancakes?

  • landhippo

    1/2 large sweet potatoe

    1/2 liguid egg whites

    1 scoop protein (van. i haven't tried choc yet)


    vanilla extract


    cook the sweet potato, take out of skin. mash, mix with all the othere ingredinets. cook like pancakes.

    336 cal. 36 protein 40 carbs. I use a little more protein , just to increase the protein a little. i eat 1/2 then 2 hours later eat the other 1/2/ makes about 4 small pancakes. i hope you enjoy i.(this recipe is from a past winner: (emilyalvers.com)

  • MMMMM. I just made some chicken soft taco, on whole wheat tortiall, sautee soem onions and green peppers, chicken(ofcourse) and littel salsa and very litte mild taco sauce, just for taste. mmmm so good i have to say so myself.

  • Erica, You said "being rude, eating, chewing and nodding". You NEED to eat!!! So be rude if you have to! I personally don't mind someone eating in front of me as long as they aren't chewing with mouth open or spitting food debris at me while they eat. Eat!!

    Stacy Lynn

  • the EAS advantedge carb control shakes are awesome.  easy and quick

    I love the knusden cottage cheese doubles for breakfast.  Once again easy and quick

    also the tuna that comes in the packets and not the can.  Those are great  Just get a yogurt or fruit and you will have yourself a meal.  

  • Something worth thinking about - I haven't even started the challenge yet but am in the planning stage right now. Hungry girl has some great "cupcakes" one of my fav. is a broccoli cole slaw and lean ground turkey you cook it in a muffin pan to control serving size but these would also be handy to take with you since ea. one has a cupcake wrapper around it. She has tons of recipes that are healthy - you just have to pick the ones that match with bfl foods and ur good to go. Here's her website if it helps you. http://www.hungry-girl.com/

  • Tons of easy portable options! A few here  if you want to check them out.



    Thanks making the change for suggesting the pancakes...They really are awesome!!! Here is the step-by-step recipe with pictures for protein yamcakes ...



    Sounds like at least one shake per day would help. Make some homemade protein bars or the protein pancakes for another. High protein homemade trailmixes are awesome too!





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  • BTW it is absolutely ILLEGAL to not allow employees lunch breaks. For every eight hour shift your employer MUST give you two ten minute breaks and one thirty minute break.