week 6 newbie-hit a wall

  • Hi Everyone

    I am C1W6D39. I have been on these boards for 6 weeks sometimes twice a day! and with everyone's help I have made it this far. Lost 12 pounds and 5 pairs of pants. Started 163 lbs.

    I have been following the plan and really enjoying all of the great changes internally and externally.

    This week BAM hit the wall!!


    I am extremely tired, unmotivated and miserable. Has anyone else felt this at week 6? Does it go away?

    I will finish-not an option to quit BUT wow what happened to the joy?

    A big thanks to all of you who post regularly you are my inspiration.

  • I just read a post this morning regarding the same thing! A very smart person responded to them that they should re-read the Body For Life book, change up the exercises you do for weights, and pick out a few new meal ideas....

  • Thanks erica1234

    Sounds like a good plan. Need to revisit my initial goals as well

  • Musclebound: You are right on course. BFLMike's post may help you.....it happened to me in all 3 of my challenges around that midpoint. You will get through it! Hang in there. This is when alot of people quit....dig in those heels and push forward.

    About weeks 5 to 8, somewhere in there, you will encounter the "what the heck" syndrome. How you deal with it will determine the course and outcome of the rest of your challenge. Here’s how it works. You’ve seen good results to this point, maybe nothing spectacular, but your clothes fit looser, people have noticed, you feel stronger and lift more, and your diet has been pretty much by the book. You’re feeling confident and more. Then, here it comes: "Honey, you’re looking great, and that big wedding reception is coming up next week. Would you do me a big favor and just try to eat and act normally while we’re there? You deserve a little break–you’ve worked so hard!" A smile, and a "pretty please" squeeze and he or she walks away.

    You bite. At the wedding reception, it’s cake and ice cream, a few beers, a couple of handfuls of nuts, and so on. What the heck–you’ll burn it off in the early morning cardio. And you hit the cardio hard. But you hit free day which comes up very quickly even harder. Sleeping in after free day felt pretty good, and you’ll be back on that routine before they know it. This begins a spin from which some never recover.

    Well, this is just an example, and the what the heck syndrome can take many other forms. A very sad event that just begs you to eat and drink over it. A really joyous event that just has to be celebrated. So, what’s wrong with that? Can’t I enjoy life, you say? WELL, my question to you is, "What does risking all the work you’ve done so far, in exchange for some really unhealthy eating actually have to do with the enjoyment of life?? If this is how the rest of your life after your challenge is going to be, you don’t stand the proverbial snowball’s chance in Hell of keeping your weight off and staying conditioned.

    The appropriate response to the "what the heck" opportunity is simple. Act like you’re enjoying yourself, and you no doubt will. If you can’t handle the peer pressure, grab a glass of diet soda, put a few little food treats on a plate and walk around talking to folks. Mess up the treats, and then at the first opportunity put the plate down, or hand it to a waiter, and walk away. You’ll feel better, and really, no one who matters to you will ever notice the difference. You will, though, because you won’t be waking up the next morning feeling like a bird slept in your mouth!

    Having fun and acting normal at foodfests, without becoming a victim of the gluttony, takes practice but can be done! If you don’t master this, even if your challenge goes smoothly, the rest of your life is going to be a bumpy road! When I was first learning how to be a recovering alcoholic, I worried to death about how to decline a drink when offered one. My sponsor told me to simply say, "No thanks, I’ve had plenty!" And it was certainly no lie either. It worked. The only people who still tried to push drinks on me were people who needed the program I had just been in. It’s no different with food. The ones trying to get you to stuff yourself are doing it due to their own issues, not yours!

    Eat, drink and be merry–on free days! On other days, be merry! Don’t let anyone steal the prize out from under your nose.

  • Wow legs

    Thats it. That is exactly where I am.

    Thank you- I will keep reading this until I get it!

    I have read alot of your posts and would like to thank you for all your words of wisdom

    Take care

  • Musclebound - Im glad you like reading the wise words of Mike Harris too. There is another about the last few weeks and I read it again today, as I am feeling the strains of being in week 10. Each week does have its aches and pains and gains to it. You are not alone! Post your frustration before giving up - there is always a reason for feeling the way you do during a challenge and the further you get into it - you can see a pattern and get ready for what is to come - well usually!

  • Hi ,  Legs wow you got it right.  That is usually how I quit dieting just a little here and a little there until Im not doing anything.  I am in wk 6 too and am feeling the same way.  just tired and well bored of the routine.  anyway ---not throwing in the towel because after this week I will be half the way!!!   Hang in there musclebound

  • If you get through this brick wall - week 7 will most likely find you with renewed excitement. Your foundation is primed and the results will now start showing at a better rate. Hang in there!

  • Great posts..... Iam C1/W6 and have seen great results so far, but I hit my "what the heck"  last week.... it was extremely easy to get into my addictive thinking about food, I took the advice given and read up on some workout books got new ideas for the gym... changed my meals and even added new music, one thing that is vital was telling myself REPEATEDLY, was "JUST STICK TO THE CHALLENGE"... IT REALLY HELPED....We all have a tendency to "know something that will work better"  "JUST STICK TO THE CHALLENGE"..... If we "knew something that would work better" we wouldnt be here!!!!   Happy to say that this week I had was an awesome week at the gym and on the treadmill hitting 10's.  I have only lost 5 lbs but the inches are what Iam focusing on.  

  • I am beginning to think this is the unexpected transition our bodies go through ....from muscle-growing to fat-burning. Alot is going on on the inside and getting ready to show the results on the outside. It does go away, before long you are going to look in the mirror and say "WOW, how did I get these results when I was Sooooooo tired just a few days ago!" that's when the joy will return.


  • I'm W6D6 and I am right there with you, musclebound!  I have made it further this time than ever before...definitely going the full 12 weeks this time if it kills me.  But this week was the first time this challenge that I was tempted to skip a workout or eat unauthorized food.  

    I ran a 5K on Sunday (which should have technically been my free day) and I think it took a little too much out of me....was smooth sailing but then maybe by over-doing it, I wasted a week playing "catch-up" on energy and appetite.  I may have burned lots of calories during the run, but not enough to make up for the indiscretions that took place the rest of the week.

    I'm kind relieved to hear that there may be a bit of a 6 week syndrome.  Looking forward to a new day tomorrow so I can get back on track.  

  • Oh, and compliments are the worst thing people can give me right now.  Every time someone tells me I look good, I take it as permission to go easier on myself....like, it's working so I can slack a little now.  The opposite is true, I know, but this has been a lifelong problem for me.  Is is fear of success?  Fear of failure?  Lack of focus on the long-term goals?  Don't know.  I'm hoping to figure it out before it gets the best of me.

  • Congratulations CC for finishing a 5K. Awesome! Its nice to read everyone recognizing their fatigue and still keeping their promise to themselves to finish a full 12 weeks. Just because.

    You will all be so glad you did.

    One day at a time, one meal, one workout, another good choice towards goal. Woop!

  • I have a ton of stuff to do tonight, but I do feel myself losing focus a little so I am going to put everything aside and reread BFL, watch Success Stories, or SOMETHING until I find my second wind!   Thanks for the encouragement, Legs!

  • CC - you have no idea how easy it is to throw in the towel and have one day cover up the next during some/any weight loss goal. I have yo-yo'ed most of my life. With BFL, I finally had enough and for once I did my first challenge from A - Z. Did I have lows? Absolutely. But with the help of many, some who still are here - I made it to 12 weeks.

    I cannot explain to you the euphoria you will feel during that final cardio. For finally finishing something you set out to do. For fulfilling a promise to yourself.

    I hope you keep THAT in your pretty little 5K winner head and make it carry you through the tough times. Keep at it the best you can FOR YOU!