Lower body workout issue.(Serious Sciatica Issue)

  • I have a serious problem with sciatica pain. I can hardly walk and have real trouble doing the lower body portion of the workout. I still want to do some sort of lower body stuff,but have no real clear idea as to how. I am trying water aerobics for cardio and getting therapy for the sciatica issue. Any other ideas?


  • I too have suffered from sciatic issues.  It has taken many adjustments over the years from my chiropractor to manage the pain.  Although, by the sounds of it, I don't think my issues were nearly as bad as yours.

    The 2 big things that made a difference were 1) sleep on your side with a pillow between your legs.  Sleeping on your back and especially your stomach are very bad for your back and put alot of pressure on the sciatic nerve.  2) stretch your hamstrings daily.  The vertebrae in your back that make up the lumbar region only have about 10-11 degrees of rotational movement.  That's not alot.  That means that when you bend over to touch your toes, the movement needs to come from your pelvis.  If your hamstrings aren't stretched, then you pelvis cant rotate properly, puts the stress on your lower back instead and it puts pressure on your sciatic nerves.

    Either way, make sure you see a professional.  Sounds like you may have a diagnosis and a plan for therapy.  Also talk to your health car professional about someone that can show you how to do isolation movements that will prevent your issue and still allow you to continue toward your goals.