I need reciprocation ideas!

  • This is the one part of my daily journal that always stumps me. I can always use the same one every day of responding to at least 3-4 questions on this forum... but what do all of you out there do? Do you use the same thing each day? How do you classify it? Do you try to do a "chore" for someone so they don't have to? I always find myself sitting there and thinking thinking thinking and wasting time trying to put something good down. Thoughts? Ideas?

  • Erica, I wouldn't get to stressed out about it...Responding to people's questions on here is the main thing that I do...can you offer a smile, a compliment, a hug to someone? Reminds me of a card I got from one of my students I have on my wall at school..."A day can be transformed by a single lovely act." So the little things add up...Have a great day! :)

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  • One of my Reciprocation tasks is pretty simple.  I am not a spiritual person at all, but, when I see someone out in public that is obviously overweight I take a few moments to think compassionately for them and to silently wish them better health.

    If you are a spiritual person you might say a prayer for them or in the Buddhist practice breath for them, not out of judgment or pity, but out of love and compassion.  After all in addition to praying for them you are praying or breathing for yourself.

    Also, I take my BFL journal to the gym and since it is brightly colored and I jot stuff in it during my workout, I have had the opportunity to show folks who were curious about it.  I have had some great conversations and learned a few things for myself as a result.

    I also share what my nutrition plan is with family and friends.  The more they see my results the more they are interested in what I am doing to be healthier.  For example, my obese sister told me she is going to start eliminating "bad carbs."  I took the opportunity to share a bit from my experience and let her know that is a great start and she might have to do more than just that to lose weight.  I tred lightly with her as I noticed that as I have had visible results in my challenge so far, she has become more defensive about her bad habits.

    It is great that you are so concerned about Reciprocation.  As we seek to help others, we help ourselves as well.


  • The Law of Reciprocation is one of the core elements of this for me. It has helped me to become again the person that I used to be, before life "hit the fan," if you'll pardon the crude reference.

    For me, this takes many forms:

    • Sending an encouraging e-mail to someone thanking them or encouraging them with something specific
    • Taking a moment to pull someone aside (often one of my students) to tell them something positive or encouraging about themselves
    • Making a phone call to a parent (of one of my students) to tell them how much I value their child
    • Sending a note to my administrators with kudos for one of my colleagues
    • Sending a card to someone
    • Writing a brief, but detailed lesson to someone
    • Complimenting someone on an effort they have made
    • Taking both of my boys out to eat (on a Free Day!) to celebrate what just one of them has accomplished
    • Telling one person something that another person has done that has impressed me - with that other person standing right there
    • Posting encouraging posts on BFL.com!
    • Sharing my BFL experience with others and encouraging them in their healthy habits (my next-classroom teacher at school plans to start soon!)

    Doing these acts has helped me to refocus myself and, as I said, return to the others-centered (instead of chaos-centered) person that I want to be and used to be. I had missed me so much, and I'm thankful that BFL helped me find myself again!!


    "The limits you are living with right now, in every aspect of your existence, have been created by your mind. They are perceptions. And they are holding you back. You are capable of far more than you think you are." -Bill Phillips

  • Kimmie! I love your ideas! Welcome to the new and improved Kimmie! :)

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