i got RAN OVER!!!

  • So i'm week seven of this challenge, right. And i'm all motivated "i'm gonna do this and be slim and trim" LOL and for the most part I am doing great. I refocus every week and keep improving. Until this week! This week I was all "I'm coming close to week 8. I'm gonna hit it hard and have a huge week 8 miracle." Then the wagon hit a bump and I fell off and got Ran over! My brother is deployed to Afganistan and two days ago we got a phone call saying his humvie had ran over a roadside bomb, he was wounded and he was being flown out to germany. I wish i could say that I stayed strong but NOPE. Yeah, I made myself be strong for his wife and kids but then I completely gave way to food. I didn't just pig out but when we did eat I JUST DIDN'T CARE. I ate whatever was put in front of me. Chips and dip at the mexican restaraunts, Cheetos at home, Ice cream. I even made an 11:00 run to sonic for Cheddar Peppers with my sister-n-law. Now i'm feeling like "what the heck have i done the past 2 days?"

    Has anyone else had to overcome some serious fallbacks and if so how were you able to chase the wagon down and jump back on....At this point I'm thinking "there is no way now. I've done too much damage" but at the same time I'm thinking "seriously, just get back to it and keep going" i really don't wont to give up. but i'm discouraged that this is going to put me way back.

  • First of all, I salute your brother for his service and sacrifice for our country.  I don't know how much you would value my input since I am very new to BFL.  I bought and read the book several year ago, started BFL but did not complete the program then.  I've decided to commit to it again and see it all the way through.  I remember reading in the book that most everyone would have setbacks.  Most, I am sure are not as traumatic as yours, but they are setbacks just the same.  Bill Phillips' advice is exactly what you have mentioned above: "forget about it and get back on track."  Don't beat yourself up because you had a slip up: it is simply a bump in the road.  Your journey is one of a long haul rather than a short sprint.  One of the ways you can make up for one of the days is use it as your "Free Day".  Good luck in your journey !!  Once again, to your brother, Semper Fi.  

    Glenn, an old Marine

  • i am sorry to hear about your brother. I hope he makes a quick recovery.

    But you must remember that you just suffered a setback, that is all. You haven't ruined anything, and all you have to do is simply start back on the program. that's it. don't try to "catch up" by doing more than is planned... just get back on the BFL horse. You will be so glad you did it, and hey... everyone has setbacks now and again, but the successful folks are the ones who can pick themselves up, dust themselves off, and forget the past and keep going. Perhaps your week 8 miracle will be a week 9 miracle...that's not so bad, right?

    Chin up and good luck!

  • Hey there;

    So sorry about your brother. Will send up a prayer for him and your family.

    I am now doing my 3rd challenge, and I can tell you that you have not done "too much damage". You will not undo in 2 days what you worked for in 7. Like Erica says, just get back to it. You have come so far so keep going. You already took the first step by posting this. Admiting it is huge - kudos to you for not hiding under the bed. So now all you have to do is get off that bed, and to the gym. Drink lots of water to rid your body of all that sodium and you will feel great in not time.

    Keep us updated - if I don't hear from you I might just come and give you a good kick in the @$$ LOL.


  • Tiff-Do NOT give in now! You have invested your time, your sweat, your pain to this challenge for the past 7 weeks...You need to isolate what you have consumed and move on...set new goals for these next 5 weeks and hit it hard. Dedicate those weeks to your brother (who I applaud for serving our country and I hope he is ok!)

    You can ROCK this thing, lady!!! Be Strong!!!

    DebMO :0)           Blessed to be a Blessing...

  • Tiff-Sue.

    Most sincere and appreciated thanks for your brother's service to the country. My husband was a Naval Officer. I know how tough the road or sea can be..

    I know so many people will wag their finger at me, but as long as it doesn't last more than 1-2 days you should be able to get back on track. It's only 1-2 days...it's not 7 weeks of doing it...unfortunately it IS how many women deal with stress..

    You need to be strong for YOU so can be strong for your brother and his family..

    Positives to look at..he IS alive....he is in good care...

    now focus back on your yourself so you can focus when your care is needed...if you don't take of you you cannot take care of family.

    Prayers for a fast recovery for him, you and that he is home soon!


  • tiff_sue: I am sorry that you have that constant background tension with your brother in Afganistan. I cant imagine...I am glad to hear he is ok. There are several people on this BFL forum that have family in service. Honestly it gives me chills. Every time I read another "my  *** is in the service" I say selfishly to myself  " oh please be safe and come home to ***" because I am not strong enough to read a sad post from someone saying bad news. I will never know what to say to my cyber BFL friend. So ANYWAYS - I am glad your brother is ok.

    Now about YOU! Its week 7. End of story. You might be wired like I am - its like "hey I am half through - woot! look at me go" and the BFL gloves get loose for a few days, till something (could be anything actually) happens in our lives that we LET be an excuse to over indulge. I get it, I am not demeaning it AT ALL, but lets face it - those old habits and secret lovers pounced and you let them in. Ive done that too - you arent alone by a long stretch.

    You have put in alot of time and effort to your challenge - you fed the monster, now get back on track. No worries, quit beating yourself up and move forward into the remaining weeks of your challenge. There is much more for you to reap from all your work.

    I am glad you posted your frustrations....keep it real - it IS alot of mental perserverance and through the weeks, through the challenges your mind will get just as strong as your pipes. :)

    Have a great weekend tiff. Give yourself at least one hour each day this weekend to be you, crank the tunes and focus on YOU - give your workouts horns, hit new 10's. After that hour is over, give yourself permission to think of others.

  • Thanks everyone. I'm back at it this morning. Already up, worked out and eaten a healthy protein/carb breakfast. I've got to keep moving forward. I have come to far to choose to let something stop my progress. And yes, all of you are right. Things happen...now it's just time to regroup and keep moving.

    Have a great weekend everyone.!