Idea for Practicing the law of Reciprocation

  • Hi all,   this Saturday the 8th of may is the annual NALC (national assoc of letter carriers)  food drive.  I am not going to go into all the info about how things are tough for many because this may include some of us.  However,  if you have not gotten a chance to clear your cupboards of unwanted food because you can't bear to throw it away please consider bagging it up and putting it by your mail box this Sat.  If you can't do it then Friday or sometime next week will do to.   This is not only an opportunity to practice the law of reciproction but also an opportunity to clear out the excess.   Thanks  jill

  • Most excellent idea Jill!  I got the card in the mail for this myself.

  • I got my hickey in the mail yesterday and packed a bag full of stuff!

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  • I actually started doing that last week.  The Boy Scouts in my area are picking up my bag tomorrow. :-)

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  • Thanks for the reminder, Jill! :)

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