12 Weeks Complete with little result

  • My niece and I have been faithfully following BFL for 12 weeks with little results.

    We haven't lost any weight, and our clothes fit the same as they did when we started.

    We can tell we've lost some fat but the muscle definition and noticeable waistline are just not there.

    We are both pretty fit to begin so we thought we would really see some good results, quickly.

    We have been faithful to the workout and have followed the meal plans from the BFL cookbook.

    Any suggestions on what we should do from here? We are trying to decide if we want to continue

    or if we should try something new.

  • If you were super fit before beginning the program the results won't be as dramatic as if you were out of shape and/or overweight.  If you haven't lost weight, but can tell that you have lost fat that means that you have gained some lean mass.    If you have been training for a very long period of time you won't gain muscle nearly as fast as someone who is new to lifting.  I have no doubt that BFL works and will get you where you want to be if you stick with it.  If you're really trying to lose as much fat as possible you can cut back on the carbs some and see how that works out for you.

  • Also... The Eating for Life cookbook isn't really challenge worthy.  It's better for maintenance, free days, and sometimes. That doesn't apply to all the meals, of course.  I use it myself sometimes, but many recipes have too many sauces, contain no use ingredients like low fat cheese, and are pretty pasta/bread heavy, while being somewhat short on protein.  I would suggest going with the foods on page 84 of BFL, and including obvious others.  The book lists strawberries, for instance, and of course you can also have blueberries.  

    Keep going.  If you didn't have much to lose then it's entirely possible you've changed your body comp, and the visible results you seek are right around the corner.  

    Good for you for doing the whole 12, and with your niece. That's some awesome family bonding.  

    We're here.  Ask questions.  Maybe put up your meal plan.  

    And make sure your workouts are genuinely intense.  

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Hi there!

    As Jess said.... Please read below and see if you think it may be the problem.... all the best!


    by: Michael Harris  1/29/2008

    There’s lots of talk and angst about ladies using the Eating for Life book and not seeing weight loss.

    Don’t throw that EFL book out because you’re not losing weight. Just think it through. Here’s the potential problem with eating from nothing but the EFL book.

    Let’s say you’re the "average" woman who wants to lose 15 pounds of "ugly" fat (ever seen pretty fat?). To do that in 12 weeks you need to shed 1.5 pounds a week on the average during your challenge. If a pound of fat is 3500 calories, then you’ll need, on the average, to sacrifice 750 calories a day off your normal caloric intake. The "average" woman uses about 2200 calories a day to keep that body the way it is.

    Do the math—you’ll only be able to eat 1450 calories a day—and that’s assuming you don’t take a free day! If you take a free day, and let’s say you do about 1000 calories above your usual 2200, what you’re looking at is only being able to average about 200 calories for EACH of your six small meals a day. (That’s precisely why Myoplex Lite has 180 calories!) Now, let’s look at just one of the EFL recipes—"Eggs and Oats" on p 226.

    ½ cup oats, 150 calories; ½ cup skim milk, 40 calories; a whole egg (large) and 3 egg whites 230 calories. O.K., what we have here is 420 calories, BEST CASE SCENARIO. That’s a serving all right, but a serving for an average guy in a maintenance situation. AND, IF YOU’LL GO TO P. 73 OF THE BOOK, YOU’LL FIND THAT THE PORTION SIZES ARE INDEED TOO LARGE FOR THE AVERAGE LADY!

    But, hey, don’t take my word for all this—go to the hussmanfitness.org website and scroll down to a heading called "How Calories Work" and go from there.

    Bottom line here: Especially for ladies:

    EAT EFL, but don’t eat the portions, at least if you want to lose fat!