My progress

  • Sense I've started BFL, I've notices some great changes so far. Not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. I've already lost 7 pounds and 2 inches around my waist. And I'm definetely not so negative or pessimistic with life in general. I wanted to express that I'm really loving the BFL program and how easy it really is. This is only my third week and I'm confident that in the end, I'll will see tremendous results with my body and a life with endless possibilities.  

  • Enjoy the results that you are already noticing and don't place so much value on what happens tomorrow.  Your transformation is a journey, one that will last a lifetime, not merely a challenge that ends in 12-weeks.  Do what it is that you are doing and enjoy the journey and in the end the results will equal your desires.

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  • Hi Jean,

    Firstly congrats on making it to week 3, a lot of people lose their enthusiasm by now and drop out. And yes you are right, you will get great results if you make it to the 30th March.

    We can't believe the changes we feel, sometimes the emotional side of  the changes catches us quite unawares... We feel like nothing can stop us and life is exciting again.. We discover a whole new "us", that we didn't know was there... It's a great feeling.

    Tim (champ) is right of course... about enjoying the journey in preparation for life beyond....

    Most of us do this with just the "12 weeks" in mind - lets face it, we are usually here doing a "full on" program because we are desperate for a change and 12 weeks is easy for our minds to grasp, it's not that long, it's totally doable - if I can just do this, I'll change my body, that will put me back to square one and then................

    Well I'm one of the ones that was so totally focussed on the 12 week goal (My first two were great, but I reached it at the end of the 3rd challenge - a muscle toned body), then I just took it easy, lost all my muscle, life got in the way, started another challenge  a year later, got a back injury at week 11, and the last two years have been awful. 

    LIFE BEYOND, that's the killer for me and lots of other people, that's what I'm working on this challenge, not a physique change anymore..

    Cheers and keep on powering on!


  • That's the attitude to have! Way to go...So happy that you are feeling good. only 3 weeks and you feel this good....just keep that image of how you are going to feel in 9 weeks!

  • Anything you do one time, you can do three more times. You've got this!