Expect and Embrace Obstacles

  • First off --- A big congratulations to the large group who are beginning their 12-week challenge. You are embarking on a journey that will have a huge positive impact on your life. However, there are always two sides to every coin.

    I am on week-5, and am finally reaching the end of a persistent cold that has lasted nearly two weeks. This is not my first challenge and this cold has caused me to do some reflecting back to other times in the past 12 years I have successfully completed a challenge. I discovered they all have something in common. At some I had to overcome an obstacle.

    Perhaps that is just life. Maybe it is nearly impossible to go 12 weeks without facing a significant obstacle? I, however, believe it something more than that. Because nearly always the obstacle came somewhere between week 3-7.

    I now believe obstacles are just nature’s resistance to change and is simply a test that you have the you have the perseverance required to achieve the change you desire.

    Here is my advice to those that are beginning their challenge:

    Be excited that you are about to make a positive change in your life and know that you deserve, and can will your goals. At the same time, beware and prepared that an obstacle is coming. This will give you the strength to overcome the obstacle and complete the challenge to achieve the positive change you seek.  

  • Thanks a lot, Dan. Really goood advice. I sarted my challenge on Monday and already loving it. I'll be sure to beware and be prepared of an obstacle that may occur. Thanks again.