Question about soreness

  • I'm 33, male, and just starting Week 4. My first week, heck the first day, I was sore like I have rarely felt in my life. I was so stiff and tight after my first upper body workout that I had to use my left hand on my right elbow to help hold up my right hand high enough to shave the sideburns. I still get stiff and tight like that on most upper body days, but not sore anymore. After my first leg day on Week 1 (a Wed) I felt the stiffness/weakness/soreness all the way to the first leg day on Week 2 (the following Monday). Now I still get stiff and tight after a workout, lower or upper, doesn't matter. But my soreness is very minimal that day or even a day or two after. The first time I did deadlifts during Week 3 my lower back was kinda sore as were my hams, but that only lasted a day or two. The next time I did deadlifts I experienced very little soreness. My question is this: Am I not pushing hard enough? Am I not getting sore because I'm not hitting my 10s even though I think I am? I go to muscle failure on my last sets, so I can't think of what more I can be doing except adding more weight, but there are a couple of exercises (barbell bi curls for instance) where I struggle so much to get the last reps in that my form suffers, so adding weight won't help, and I still don't get sore from those either.
  • You will not get sore everytime.  Plus, if you are doing the same routine...doesnt matter on weight...your body is used to that movement.  If you truly want to feel sore eac and every time, which will get less and less and time goes on, you will have tochange up your routine and try a new exercise.  But then time will tell and you will notice that you feel the pump more than the soreness.  All good things though!!

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  • Maybe doing some stretches after your working will help you feel less stiff. Yogo could help with that as well. Doing yogo once or twice a week will help you feel more flexable, limber, stretches your body like non other, and helps improve cardiovascular strength as well.  

  • Yes switch up the exercises you are doing.. Muscle confusion.. Switch up about every 3-4 weeks.