Over the Hill

  • I'm ready to delay the sagging, flabbing cycle of the aging process. Turned 60 this year, (not sure where my life went) want to see what this program will do for me. Any other older experienced members?  

  • Hi dnd,

    I just finished my 3rd challenge. About 3 weeks before I got done, seems like everyone left so I didn't have much support. I will be starting my 4th and final challenge in January. I am 63 years young, as of last July. YOU ARE VERY YOUNG TOO, NEVER FORGET THAT!!  

    This program is fantastic if you get the book and read it and follow it. You will be very happy with your results at the end. Well, before the end of the 12 weeks, I should say. You will see a lot of changes as you go on each week.

    just follow the plan and try to stick to it. I don't know if you've tried this program before, but it does work and very well. Well, I will check in to see how your doing in a few days or so.

    Good luck and happy holiday...:o)


  • You are on you way to feeling 30 or younger.

  • While I have a few more years to catch up with you,I didn't lift my first weight, much less eat a more balanced diet until I was 50.  But when the doctor tells you that you should probably think about better health, you listen!  I too read the book (great book), but don't stop there.  Visit others on this site, but don't stop there.  More importantly, DO NOT become discouraged if you cheat more than once a week, or miss a workout or two, or if you aren't dropping the weight that you think you should... because you will!!!  It's inevitable!!! Take it slow, work your way into a program, drink lots of water, get plenty of rest and the rest will come.  Good Luck!!!

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