RedRiderAK Journey in the body for life challenge

  • At my heaviest I weighed 311 pounds.  That was in about eight years ago. Two years ago I got down to 290.  In March already story on Facebook on why I ride. The story I read inspired me to kick up my diet program. I stop eating junk food in March I haven't had any junk food from that date to today.  I do not crave junk food anymore.  My doctor suggested me to start keeping a food journal that was a week ago I have lost 1 pound.  On Monday the 11th I am starting the body for life 12 week Challenge.  I am working hard to be more accountable to myself on my health issues.  I make type two diabetic since 2001. I do the tour de cure bike ride every year I have done the 25K and 50 K & 100k.  I believe the body for life 12 week challenge is exactly what I need.  With keeping a food journal and exercise log I believe I'll be a will to achieve my weight goal.

  • Best of wishes to you on your challenge and challenges in life. Where in Alaska are you from or living? Just curious I used to be stationed at Ft Greely AK in the years of 77-78 when the pipeline was starting up ( I was at work at Ft Greely the day the oil started to flow through, we all had bets on what time the  "pig" would pass under the front gate of the post). Keep Moving Forward and I am sure you will be pleased.

  • Good luck to you on your challenge!!

  • Anchorage

    I was in high school in 77-78

  • Day one what great

    My upper body needs work .

    Day two don't so good no work out

    Day three lower body work out was great

    Caves was not a challenge my BowFlex only goes to 410#

    So on the caves I did 410 at25 reps no fail

    My food log is going good I been loging for two week nowq.

    Jeff - RedRiderAK

  • Thank you

    How is your challenge going?

    I hope you are good . And good luck to you

    Best wishes

  • Redriderak - Welcome!  Welcome!  Welcome!  I'm glad you're here, my new friend.

    I  strongly believe that keeping a journal of your nutrition and exercise is a major success component.  In absence of the journal, with food, it's too easy to justify a bit here or there, because "it's not like it was much".  It's also great to see patterns.  I found that sweet potatoes seem to coincide with better results for me, versus say oats.  Keeping a journal with my exercise allowed me to see my progress, and feel good when that negative voice inside tried to tell me that I wasn't doing a good job.  I could see right there, in black and white, my progress.  It also just keeps you focused on your goals.  I personally kept my journal on Evernote.  I did a template, and then have an entry for each day that uses that template.  That's what works for me.  Do what's best for you, but do find a system that is as seamless as possible to you.  Might I suggest adding a few notes each day about how you felt?  It's interesting to see.  When I don't get in enough water, for instance, I'm cranky.  

    I know 100% that you can achieve your goals with Body-for-LIFE!  This is a wonderful community.  I'm so looking forward to hearing about your progress.  When do you start? 

    Jessica Mighty Max ~ 2013 Body-for-LIFE Champion ~ Champion is a VERB!

  • Good luck Rider. I am at my heaviest in sometime, 200 lbs. Last month I was diagnosed with metobolic disease, not diabetic, but...close.  I wish I could say I haven't had junk food since March.

    "Hypochondriacs are their own terrorists."  Saul Bellow

  • Good luck to you

    On Facebook there is a page called Why I ride .

    It motivate me to be more serious about my weight-loss.  So I vow to stop eating junk food from since March

    Than you