Into Week 2, feeling pumped!

  • Well I am into my second week of the BFL Challenge & just wanted to share my feelings. I must admit eating clean is NOT as hard as I was thinking. I actually love the routine of the whole program. I feel in control, thus empowered. I am totally new to the community but would love any feedback:) It's comforting knowing we are all working for the same health & body transformation!

  • Congratulations!  Sounds like things are off to a great start.  One day at a time, you can do this!

    Best of luck!

  • Nice work,

    Just keep that end goal in site

  • Keep going strong!  You're doing great.

    From my experiences, weeks 3 and 4 get hard and that's where most people drop off.  BUT, push yourself'll be SOOOO worth it!