Im back! Round 2 starting 14th October

  • Hi all,

    I decided to start the challenge all over again and looking forward to the next 12 weeks of blood, sweat and tears.  Hopefully more sweat than the other two....

    I did the challenge at the start of the year and got mediocre results, I think this was due to my poor diet.

    This time I intend to be stricter with the diet as that is the key, I dont think I could of honestly worked harder in the gym last time, but the old adage is true "You can't out train a poor diet".  I believe this to be true indeed.

    Last challenge I lost a little weight but felt I put on some muscle, especially on my back.

    So it starts tomorrow and I will probably try and update daily to keep the motivation.


  • Best of luck and welcome back!  

    Remember: hard work is a two-way street. You get back exactly what you put in.

    Eat clean and hit those 10's!

  • Good Luck! I'm looking forward to hearing your news. :) Did you eat the BFL way last time?

  • Day One - The Day of Days.

    Well thats the first day and first UBWO complete for this challenge.

    By the end I was a knackered sweating mess, I certainly felt I did my best especially on the bench press where I battled for what seemed an eternity to get the last rep up and the bar back on the rack..... nearly did the ultimate rookie mistake and got stuck in the press position.

    I also have joined a new gym which is only 10 minutes walk away from my flat and as-an added bonus its open 24 hours a day, not that I think I will ever be going at midnight, but you never know. If any fellow BFL'ers in the London area are looking for a new gym, then I recommend Anytime Fitness in Twickenham, its never really busy  and very cheap especially for London.

    So thats the first step complete, on to the cardio tomorrow.

    Till the next thrilling installment, keep going everyone.

    p.s BFLGALINA - I started off eating clean but as the weeks went on I got lazy on the food prep and went for quick alternatives that may of not been as clean, also took the free day to the extreme.  This time I aim to be more strict with the diet.


  • Good luck to you Rich.  I think if you are as intense with your diet as you are your workouts, you should experience terrific results.

  • Great job Rich!

    Remember, there's no such thing as going overboard on your cheat day, so don't sacrifice them.  Cheat days are good for you. Many people start having the "cheat day guilt" and want to cut it out of their diet (or even just have one cheat meal), but lots of reading and research shows that it's just as important to your success as the six clean days before. Aside from the psychological benefits of fulfilling your weekly cravings, it also spikes your metabolism and insulin levels. Your body is forced to process an excess of calories that it isn't used to and therefore is challenged to work harder. This means your body is a calorie burning machine starting on Monday morning!

    I'm on day 15 right now, but I'm also on my UBWO.  Seems we're on the same schedule, so if you ever need to reach out for motivation...I'm here!

    Again, great job and keep hitting those 10's!

  • Great job guys! You've hit the ground sprinting right from day one!

    With regard to cheat-days, I now do one cheat-meal (and boys it's HUGE)  then the other two meals I eat something I would be very happy with like a large portion of BFL foods. Like for breakfast I had two protein bars with creamed coffee.. I have found that this keeps me feeling the joy of the cheat days without wanting to spend the whole day on the couch grazing on junk food.....

  • Superman can I ask you how you get the Ticker on every post that you make? Do you have to stick it in manually? Thanks I really like it!

  • BFLGalina - just click the icon, it'll take you to a website where you can make your own with your own goals.  Then copy the code and paste it as your signature in the forum settings.

  • Superman thanks I see it now!

  • RAF - been a couple of days.  How's it going?