C1D1 - Starting weight 302.4 but it's all good!

  • Today is the first day of my journey and I'm feeling good. Already, this forum has helped me stay on track because I woke up this morning with a head full of excuses why it would be okay to put it off for another day, but I wanted to do as I said I would on the board yesterday and start today.  I'm soooo glad I did!!  :)

    My starting weight is 302.4 and my BMI is 47.36 (I'm 5'7") so I have a long way to go, but I'll get there for sure!  I was actually happy to see the number on the scale I saw because I've been slowly making some changes with my eating the last few months and have lost a few pounds (my hihgest weight was 306).  While I know this could certainly be normal weight fluctuation, it still makes me feel motivated.

    I've got my plan for food and exercise all set and feel positive that I will be able to accomplish my goals for the day.  I have to say - I'm a little nervous about the exercise part, but thinking of how great it will feel once I have completed it is what is keeping me excited.

    Hope everyone has a great day today!!  :)

  • Good for you Seattlegirl!

    I hope your first day is going well.  What did you do for your exercise today?  

    If you stick to it and follow the plan you will succeed.

  • Thanks, Pennyready!!  It's going pretty well so far.  I've done a good job of not letting my "if you can't do it perfectly, don't do it at all" thoughts creep in and I'm feeling really good!  I did 15 minutes of walking to "Walk Away the Pounds".  I have to say - I didn't think it would be as difficult for me as it was (even just 40 pounds ago, I walked two to three miles a day), but I did as much as I could before my calves got super cramped up.  I'm thinking I might rest a bit and give it another go.  I'm excited to see what improvement will come over the next few months!!  :)

    How was your day?  I checked out your profile and see that you love to ride bikes - how cool!!  Are you a street rider or more of a mountainbiker or trail rider?  

    Thanks again for the encouraging words, Penny!  I hope you're having a nice evenng and that your day tomorrow is fantastic!

  • Seattlegirl- Congrats on starting the challenge.  I'm glad you're feeling great.  It's important to find a thread with several like minded people and get involved for support and swapping stories about your experiences.  I am part of a great group called the Cottage Cheese Club.  We're always willing to take in new people, and would be glad to have you and any other people looking for a place to put down roots.  Most of us are on our 3rd challenge of this year, so we have some useful information to share if/when you need it.