150 pounds to lose - is BFL for me?

  • I am 37 years old, 5'7" and weight about 300 pounds.  My weight has gone consistenly up and up from the time I was 21 years old.  The only time I've ever lost any weight was when I was 26 (and weight about 100 pounds less than I do now) and did BFL for about 2 months.  I saw quick results and felt so much better, but wasn't in the emotional place to keep it going and really make actual life-style changes.  Since then, I've made tremendous strides mentally and emotionally, and now I'm ready to take on the physical aspect of things. 

    I have to admit - I'm more than aprehensive about taking this step.  Through more half-assed attempts than I can count, I've let myself down for over 16 years when it comes to improving my physical health and my self-confidence in this area has taken a beating; however, if I'm honest with myself - I know the reason none of those past attempts worked was a combination of not being emotionally ready, not committing myself fully and making a boat load of excuses.  This time, I am determined to make permanent changes and keep my head in the game. 

    Saying this, I think (know??) the answer to the question in the subject line -- yes, BFL is for me.  But, I would love to know if anyone else has experience with BFL and losing a significant amount of weight like this.  DId you follow the plan by the letter, or make any modifications in the beginning (especially due to limitations that may come with being so heavy)?  (Plase don't get me wrong - I understand my attitude and belief in myself is paramount to my success, but let's be real - carrying 150 pounds of weight (mostly in your middle) physically limits some exercises regardless how much someone may want to complete them.  It won't be that way forever, but right now, the damage I've done to my body presents a few extra challenges that I get to meet.  I'll meet and beat those challenges - it just may take a little longer and that's okay.  Progress, not perfection, right?)  Do you have any tips or suggestions? 

    Anyway, this weekend I'll be preparing to start my program on Monday.  Eek - I'm scared and excited at the same time!  :)

    Wishing everyone a happy, healthy weekend!!  I look forward to learning more about you guys and providing whatever support I can in your journies!

  • BFL is definitely for you!  Congrats on your decision to change for the better.  I would follow the program exactly as stated, unless you have some type of physical limitations that would prohibit that.  Make sure you get doctor approval if you have any question whatsoever.  You can definitely follow the food part, and for exercise, do as much as you can to hit YOUR 10's.  If walking fast is your 10, than that's your 10.  If so, it's reality.  Don't dwell on it or let it get you down, just do it.  With hard work and persistence, you'll be running in no time.  Just stick with it, and you'll see results.  Your self esteem will grow and you'll get stronger pysically and mentally.  Come to the forum frequently.  We're all here to provide and receive support!  Welcome (back) to the BFL family!!


  • Greetings SeattleGirl,  I believe that BFL and this forum group and site is for you and Way to go on making a decision to improve your health  and outlook. I was intially 287 lbs when I started about three years ago and now am down to a manageable and much more healthy weight of 224 so I was on the same path as you not that long ago. Be patient, follow the program and dietary advice and drink the water and do the exercises as best you can (at first) and better later on an you will be very surprised, enlightened and much more happy with life in general. Ask for advice from the forum and do try to plan meals and workouts in advance when you can. Keep Moving Forward and Best wishes to you in your journey to a better life.

  • SeattleGirl,

    Congrats on taking the most important step of your life. It'll only get better from now on. The first step is the hardest. Stick to the meal plan first and formost. The trick is to give it the full 84 days. I started my journey at 258 and 58" around. Now I'm 220#. Find exercises that you can do and that still challenge you. Go from there Full effort will result in amazing results. Make sure you understand how the routine goes for me I needed some clarification. Its the little changes that will keep you going. This isn't a sprint its a marathon. Like WPBill said just keep moving forward and checkin everyday for accountability. It really works. Lets us know if there are any obstacles you need help with we are here for you. Hope to hear how day 1 went for you. You are worth it and you can do it.

  • Seattlegirl... great decision.  Can't wait to hear how your 1st day went.

  • Thank you all so much for your feedback, advice and support!  I ended up with a crazy migraine and was out of commission yesterday and most of today, so I have a little more preparation to do before I officially being (if there is one thing I learned from my first round of BFL years ago, it's the importance of planning and being prepared).  So, now that I'm among the land of the living, I'm spending tonight getting ready and will begin officially tomorrow - yay!!  :)

    What I will accomplish tonight:

    1.  Finish writing down my reasons for wanting to change

    2.  List my main goals for the next 84 days

    3.  Plan my meals and exercise for tomorrow

    4.  Set my goals for tomorrow

    Thank you again!  And many congratulations to you guys for all of the success you've had - how amazing and inspiring!  I'm so happy for you guys and am grateful to have such great examples of people who are successful with BFL!  

  • SeattleGirl,

    So sorry you had a migraine. Hope your feeling better. I also get them so I know what you are going through. Nothing messes up a plan like those migraines. I was perscibed Lyrica and that seemed to work. I took it for about 7 months then weined myself off them and since my migraines have lessend. Clean eating works as well. But mine are also triggered by weather. So its A hit and miss. Any how glad your migraine hasn't detered you  from pushing ahead with your plan. Just a bump in the road. I did a cardio session last night instead of my UBWO just didn't have the energy but got something done. Will go at lunch and do it then tonight will do running / walking program that I started with my daughter. Oct. 26 we are doing a 5K Run for diabetese. She has just started training about a month ago and she is at the beginning stage that you were at when you were in your 20's. She is overweight and knows it. So I got her a trainer/nutricianist. She is doing much better now that she has a goal.

    Have a great day and an awsome start to your program you can do this migraine or not. Don't beat yourself up because of those things they are out of your control just hit it harder next workoout.

  • Hi SeattleGirl,

    I weighed in at 308lbs at my heaviest standing 6'2".  I'm now down to 223 lbs and have maintained it for a year and a half now.  It took me a couple of challenges to get to where I'm at.  However, as I completed each challenge and seen the results, it just made me more motivated to start another one and continue until I hit my goal.  It was SO WORTH IT!  This LIFESTYLE definitely works. However, you didn't get fat overnight, so you need to be patient because it's gonna take some time to lose all that fat that you gained over a lifetime.  The keys to this LIFESTYLE is patience and persistence.  Once you get to your desired weight you'll be able to make some adjustments and add some additional calories to your diet to maintain your weight because at that point you'll have transformed your body into a high-revving fat burning machine!

    The best of luck to you!

  • I went down from 270 pounds to 180 pounds on BFL. I put it all back on because I didn't think of BFL as a lifestyle but rather means to an end. Once I lost all the weight, I went back to my old ways and the weight creeped back on. BFL is for you if you make it a lifestyle, and address any underlying issues. I kicked my sugar habits and took small steps. Now I am down to 214 and on BFL again starting September the 11th.

    BFL is for you. Just stay the course, and have fun finding ways to make it a life-long commitment.

    Good luck

  • It's definitely possible. Sometimes it takes more than one 12-week challenge, but YOU CAN DO IT, SeattleGirl. I believe in you. You should believe in you, too. Look at some of the champions. Find one you can relate to for inspiration.

  • You go girl!!  BFL is for anyone wanting to make a change--and that sounds like you!!  The upside of having a lot to lose is that you will see dramatic changes and quickly!  It might take you a little longer to get to your goal, but as you start to see the excess kilos fall away it will be enough motivation to keep you on track!  

    Good luck and keep us posted on your progress! :)