starting 84 day journey today 9-2-2013

  • Hi fellow BFLers!.

    Today I am starting again my journey to lose 45 pounds of weight in 84 days, I am looking forward to the workouts and have already begun yesterday with some cardio and eating healthy.  I am finding that writing is a good way to keep your thoughts aligned and sharing with friends works as well with facebook.  Wish me luck and I will push on!


  • Go for it! Starting week 9 today. I can say I have been frustrated when seeing the scale the last 2 weeks but I can not deny the transformation I see in the mirror. Don't let the scale be your guide. It can frustrate to you to no end instead see the differences in how your clothes fit, how you feel, and don't be surprised by how others can see the differences you might not.

  • Congradulations,

    I am only 5 days in, but I'm already feeling better, more confident.....human again.  It's gonna be exciting to see the results.  Good Luck to you

  • Sarchiqu, congratulations on making the choice to change.  I see your 45 pounds as being a very lofty goal for your first challenge, but I support you 100%.  Even if you don't achieve that specific number, I think you'll be very impressed with what you can accomplish in 12, short weeks.  I lost 22 pounds my first challenge, and felt great.  Lost another 21 pounds my 2nd challenge and felt even better.  This challenge, I've lost about 13 more thus far, and I'm closing in on my goal (the weight definitely gets harder as you get closer to the ultimate goal).  I just began Week 9 of this 3rd challenge, and I am starting to see the end.  I'm glad you see that writing is a plus in helping you with this program, whether it's on this forum or in your own personal journal (I do both).  It's a great way to stay focused on your goals.  I haven't always done that in past years, and I think it has helped me a lot with my achievements this year.  Best of luck to you!


  • Shane-I am on day 3.  this looks like a pretty simple plan to follow.  I think we tend to try and make it harder than it should be.  I am putting my trust into what I have read.  I know it is up to me to follow both the exercise, and eating plan.  I am set to take this one day at a time.  I have a goal of losing 20 lbs in the first 12 weeks.   I would ideally like to lose 45 lbs like yourself.  Right now I am focused on getting through week 1.  Good luck to you.


  • Hey Shane (any anyone else that may read this post!)

    Congratulations on your efforts and your goals!

    I am just getting started here and I have TONS of questions!

    Not to turn you (or all of you) into my personal therapist, however, I have a lot of self-doubt and hoping I can work through it.

    I am trying to learn my way around this site, look for ways to get my questions answered and I am trying to take this one step at at time.

    The biggest thing I am struggling with is that I don't have much weight to lose! I know a lot of people would wish they had that problem but this has kept me from taking a step like this for a long time. I maybe have 5-10 extra pounds and weight is not my big problem. My big problem is that I have difficulty with being consistent about my workouts and even when I was being consistent, I was having difficulty seeing serious results.

    One big issues I have is I tend to over-do or under-do and balance seems to be my big issue!

    Any feedback on that anyone?



  • Adam,

    I think the first obstacle you have to overcome is making this a priority.   It is very easy to allow yourself to do something other than work out.....especially if you only have a few pounds to lose.   Second, I think it is important to "pre-plan" your workouts.  Have your workout mapped out before you start.  This will keep you from doing either too much or too little.  Also, keep a record of what you did.  This gives you the opportunity to look back, and determine what is really helping you.