BFL Android Application Issues

  • Hello,

    I am having some serious issues with the BFL Android app.

    1. Stuck at title screen.

    The application seems to stick at the title screen after it's initial configuration.  In order to resolve this I have to uninstall the Application from my phone and reinstall it in order to get to the log in screen.  This happens many times, but once I'm logged in, I able to create a workout plan.

    2. My plan is NEVER saved

    After getting past issue one, I am able to create a new plan and I am able to complete Day 1.  However, the next day, if issue one didn't happen again, My Plan isn't there and I have to start over.  I find this extremely frustrating.  The whole point of this application is to track my progress but when the plan is gone there is no progress to review, not to mention I don't need to start on Chest day every time this happens.

    3. Setting a start date

    I should be able to set when I want to start my program.  I downloaded the App on a Tuesday while planning to start the following Thursday, Wednesday is my rest day, but once I created the plan it wanted to start that same day.

    4. Change Exercise

    After getting past issue one and issue two, I was able set up my exercise plan only to find out that Tricep pull down machine was being hogged by a guy texting on his cell phone or that the Preacher Curl bench was being used by a couple of other people.  It would have been nice to select a different exercise based on what was available.

    5. Reminders

    I don't need this App reminding me when I have to take my dog to the vet or when an when April Fools day is.  I have a calendar for that which you do not need access to.

    6.  Option to Select Exercise day

    Sometimes one just can not exercise on the day they are supposed to.  I know it's chest, cardio, legs, cardio etc...but my next leg day I won't be in town so would like to do it on the cardio day prior.  At least let me go to the leg day so I can input my progress.  However this doesn't really matter if issue one and two are continuously happening as progress isn't saved.

    This application has potential, but as it stands now it is utterly useless.

  • Yeah it looks like everyone is having the same isseus.  Tryed uninstalling and re installing but that did not work.  Sticking to the website for now

  • I just replied to my welcome message about that. Yeah, I've printed out the forms. I'll just keep doing that. This is not my first challenge, and I've been rather successful in the past...without the app :-)    Thought it'd be cool, but, oh well.