BFL is my 25th birthday gift to myself!!!

  • Hello everyone!

    This is my first post, but I have been reading the forums since early July. I would like to introduce myself!

    Today is my 25th birthday and I am so proud to say that "Body For Life" is my birthday gift to myself!!! Take one look at me in regular clothes and you may not think I am overweight - see me in a bathing suit and you'd definitely think differently! I am ashamed of my stomach and am finally truly committed to making a healthy change and am excited about BFL. In addition to being disgusted with my stomach, I am mostly tired of feeling so crappy on a daily basis.

    I will be starting sometime in September - exact date unknown as of right now. No, I am not 'putting it off' - instead I am making sure I am fully prepared and have everything I need to be successful! I know how important planning is. I will DEFINITELY need support on these forums because no one in my household is interested in committing to this program with me - they want to continue eating unhealthy and not exercising. Needless to say, this will be very very difficult for me but I am READY to make this change once and for all!

    I don't have a big sweet tooth but my biggest eating downfalls = Mexican & TexMex and chips with any kind of dip - I can't say no to these foods. I'm looking for someone with similar weaknesses to help keep me strong!

    Off the topic of BFL but going along with my introduction - my hobbies include world traveling (there is nothing I am more passionate about!), writing, reading, travel blogging, photography and live music. I look forward to chatting with you all!


  • Good luck.  I'm starting on Thursday.  I feel the same shame about what my body has become.  I will look forward to the transformation.  I can't get any of my freinds or family to join either.  I'll be counting on good people like you to keep me motivated.  Happy Birthday


  • Hey Chelsea,

    I'm there with you on cravings and weaknesses for certain foods, but we don't have to say no on freeday ;).  I figure i can work hard 6 days a week and stay away from the junk, but that one day a week i can indulge a little and still progress.

    I also personally understand about family not giving support, but you can find a lot of support here.  Good luck on your program.

  • Thank you so much Penny & Jferg! I really am so excited about starting the program!

  • Hey Chelsea, have you started yet? I started on the 16th and just complete my first week.

    I planned a lot in advance but there was still a lot of fine tuning to do in the first week, I don't know if anyone else found that?

    I don't have support from my family either that much and even my workout buddy doesn't seem to be too interested in what I'm doing!! But it's been such a rich experience for me so far I'm hoping I can find like minded people on this forum :)

    Best of luck and hope you start soon!


    ps. anyone planning to do like a video of their transformation? There are some good ones on youtube!

  • Hey Galina,

    I started today! If you want to read about my crazy 1st work out - check out the "Getting Started" section, post title "Anyone up for starting on 9/23?" on the 2nd page.

    Congratulations on completing your first week! How was it?? :)

    I absolutely agree about the planning. I have been planning for a long time now and once I was actually at the gym realized how much fine tuning I actually will need to do until this becomes a true routine for me.

    Glad to hear I am not the only one that doesn't have much support from those at home - it's very tough! I think we can help each other though!

    Haven't even thought about doing a video but sounds like a fantastic idea!!

  • Hey Chelsea, Congrats on starting! 

    My first week was cool. A lot of fine tuning thought... I think I have the opposite problem to you. You seemed to have worked out too hard. I'm having trouble hitting the high points. By the time I get to the final 6 reps I find it hard to get a good burn to call it an 8. And then frequently my 10 feels more like a 9 or 8 intensity :( How do you push yourself so hard whilst also getting through all your reps? Have you ever done weight training before?

    So thanks for referring me to the other group. It seems like a lot of people are starting on the 23rd! I guess since it's the same topic I will move to that group and let's carry on our discussion on there ok :D

  • Galina - I continued our convo in the other thread! :)