Day one

  • "real relief" I meant  

  • Hi Penny   I spent yesterday with Dad and all was well.  Today is my free day and I won't be eating too much and no alcohol because I need to make up for missed cardio yesterday.  And... I made lemon bars for dessert for last night's meal and yea I had one!  The rest are in the freezer.  

    The Betagen never did arrive. Ha.  Vitamin Shop here I come.

    Hope you have a great weekend.  

  •  Hi Susie

    I really screwed up this weekend and even yesterday, I skipped three workouts and ate horribly.  Of coarse I feel disgusted with myself.  I took my free day and made it 3 free days. I need to get it back together immediately or this whole thing will be a failure.

    I'm glad your dad isdoing well and that you are sticking with the program.  Thats a bummer about your betagen not coming.  Is ther any recoarse for that?

    Well I'm at work so I better get back to it.    I hope you are well and doing great on the program this week.


  • Crisis averted,

    It was a temporary foul up.  I am back on track and will finish strong

  • Stay strong Penny!  One day at a time.  I am glad you are back on it.

    I did get a refund quickly for the Betagen.  Yea.  

    I have been sick, since last week with that sinus trouble again.  It seemed to turn in to a cold.  I've never had trouble with that before and finally today it is starting to clear up.  Unfortunately I stopped my w/o last week.  I will start again tomorrow!

    My diet has been so so since I started feeling bad early last week. Tomorrow I'll get that right too!

    Yikes it's been rough!!!  

    I will be totally back in starting tomorrow.

  • Hi Susie,

    Wow sorry you have been sick.  I hope by now you are feeling much better.

    Soooo happy you got your money back.  I would have hated to see you lose that.  It’s hard enough to make ends meet.

    I am doing better, thanks.  I fell off track hard but I’m ok now.  We have 6 weeks until Thanksgiving.  My original goal was to enjoy that day with my gamily instead of feeling self conscious and uncomfortable in my clothes.  Hat goal can still be reached.  My brother has commented a couple of time s that he noticed a weight loss on me.  He may have just been being nice but it is still motivational.  

    Were you able to begin your work outs again?  Hope so.

    Well tomorrow is Saturday so I guess you will be with your father.  Have fun.

    I will be taking my mother and father to an early dinner and to the movies.  It is my mother’s birthday.

    Well I hope you are enjoying your Friday and that you have a great weekend!


  • Family   NOT gamily.  I proof read these too ??

  • Hi Susie,

    Hope you are well.  I had a great weekend celebrating my mother’s birthday with the family.  I took her and my father out on Saturday.  On sundae my whole family came to my house to celebrate with her.  We had lots of fun.

    Staying good with the program.  Getting my work outs in regularly and eating pretty well.

    How are you making out?  Feeling any better?

    Talk to you later


  • Hi Penny-

    How nice for your mom to have the family together for her birthday.  I used to enjoy having my parents and family over!  

    I am glad you are w/o regularly.  Stay with it!

    I am feeling much better thank goodness.  Can't remember when I last had a cold!  I am working out carefully, because I am just in the past few weeks having a lot of discomfort with my left hip.  My w/o has been going along great, omitted lunge exercise per suggestion from the Dr.  But lately the Aleve has not been helping like it had been up to about 2 mos. ago.  The discomfort exists with walking and bending down to pick things up.. knee to chest.   So I am careful with hamstrings and thighs.. doing more careful stretching there than anything else.  When it comes time for surgery, I will be in great shape!  I will see the Ortho Doc next week to discuss the situation.  This hip issue has been going on for a long time and was tolerable.

    Have a great weekend!


  • Hi Susie,

    I got laid off this morning.  Can you believe it after I passed on the other job last month because they told me I was not getting laid off.  Real creeps these guys.

    This just happened about an hour ago.

    I hate to say but the challeng is not so important to me right now.  

    I hope you are ok

  • Hi Penny,

    Wow that is unreal.  I am so sorry that happened.  It's so unfortunate that you found out what kind of people you were working for, that way.   I certainly hope you will find a job very soon that really suits you and the company treats its people well.  

    Try to do some w/o since it will help with stamina and energy while you are looking ahead for another job.  

    I have gotten off  track with workouts while getting involved with the decision to have surgery, settling on a surgeon...

    The Dr. said to let him know when I am ready and now I am ready.  Hard to believe it!

    I had been pretty afraid of surgery but now I can't wait to feel better.  It is nerve wracking but the outcome should be great.

    When I go back to Dr. week after next, I will make a date for surgery.  

    I am still doing some w/o and other exercises.

    I hope you get some interviews soon.


  • Penny,  how are you? I hope you have had some luck with getting interviews.


  • Hi Susie,

    I'm doing much better.  Did you have your surgury?  I hope you enjoyed the Holiday season with your father.

    Hope to hear from you soon.


  • GOOD LUCK!!!

    and REMEMBER:

    It's impossible to be a QUITTER if you are still TRYING. Focus on PROGRESS, not perfection!

  • thanks