Day one

  • Hi How is your challenge going? Today is my 1st day but first time I have joined on line. Have tried to get it right before this is my third time lucky

  • Happy Tuesday all,

    Today is day 13 for my challenge.  The pity party I was having for myself yesterday is officially over.  Today I am back on track.. Had a good upper body work out and I am off tomorrow so I can get in a lower body w/o and the cardio w/o that I skipped over the weekend....No pain no gain  (or loss in my case).

    Hi Susie,

    Sounds like you and I had the same weekend,  turning the free day into two free days and skipping a work out.  

    It's better to made these mistakes now so that  we learn what NOT to do for the rest of the challenge...(Silver lining).

    I know being unemployeed stinks, that  feeling of being in limbo is not fun.   Mabey it's a blessing in disguise.  You can finish the challenge and then feel more confident during interviews....(silver lining).

    k9luther I hope the beginning  of your challenge is going well.  its hard to take that first step, but it's great once you get started.

    Ladybird have a great first day.  This time is going to be the one.  This forum is very helpful, I can't say that I would have stuck to it this time if I did'nt have this for support.  Good luck.

  • Day 15, so I'm past the "I hope this isn't anther attempt at getting in shape thats only gonna last 2 weeks...milestone for me.

    I was off work yesterday so I was able to get in that double w/o. Ate clean.

    Upper body this morning at about a level 9.5, eating clean again today.

    Hope you ae all doing well

  • Penny- good for you!!!  Keep up all the GOOD WORK!  I am glad you've passed that milestone.  Lovely that the weekend is here too.  

    Had a great w/o wed. and today.  I need to be patient and focus on getting the most out of all w/o's.  Sometimes I am surprised at my struggle to enjoy the clean eating.  Reminding myself of the final goal...

    Tomorrow I have to w/o at 6 am. Yikes.  Have to get Dad a bit early to get him a hair cut.  No prob.

    Your comments on silver linings are absolutely true, that helps to focus and stay on track.. thanks.

    Hello Ladybird, welcome to the Challenge!  Keep us informed with your progress.  This is my first challenge and I am determined to stay with it.  Not easy and welcome any and all support!

  • Day 17,

    Did cardio last night.  Free day today but I'm gonna do legs after work.

    Yes it's another free day, weird how they are starting to scare me.  After a week of hard work I really want fo kick back have a couple cocktails and "Fun" food.  But after last week, I realised how much it can throw your progress off.

    This week I'm gonna eat clean all day and  I'm gonna get in.  Then I'm gonna treat myself to one free meal instead of eating bad all day.  Oh, and of coarse I will enjoy one or two cocktails.

    Susie, 6 am must have come early on a Saturday, but your dad's worth it.  You're a good daughter.  I'm sure he tells you that.  

    The thing that helps me get past any food cravings on clean eating days is something I read a while ago.  It said that an adults cravings only last on average less than 6 minutes (cravings, not obsessions). So, if you can distract yourself or simply get past those 6 minutes youir mind will move on to something else.  It works fpr me hope it will help you too.

    Ladybird hope ypu are still in it.

    Enjoy your day with dad Susie

  • This is my first day after a false start due to some major stress. I need to gain muscle tone and lose 55 unwanted pounds of fat. LET'S GET THIS DONE RUSTY!!!!

  • Congradulations Rusty.  The first step is the hardest and you've made it.  I'm on day 19, longest I've stuck to a program in about 13 years.  Stick with it.

    Did double work out yesterday to make up for a slacker Saturday.  Enjoyed free day but kept it under control.

    Job interview this smorning so doing upper body w/o tonight after work at 9 pm, that's gonna be tough.  Usually pretty beat after work but I'm determined to stick to this program.

    Susie, I hope your day with your dad was great.      

  • Hey Penny,  sounds good, stick with the clean eating all week.   The free day is similar here with how much tasty food I eat along with a couple alcoholic beverages.  I won't be eating a big plate of pasta for dinner on free day again cuz that was painful!

    I hope your interview went well and good for you to add in a workout on free day.  

    That's interesting about cravings being less than 6 min.  Thankfully just this week the cravings have calmed down some and my focus on planning and eating clean meals is better.   I cannot watch any cooking shows pertaining to BAKING.

    Earlier this evening I did 30 min yoga.  I feel that I need that a few days per week.  Trying to get the max out of my w/o's with greater intensity.

    I brought dad to Hair Cuttery sat. and he got a really good hair cut.  He has great hair for his age.  

    Welcome Rusty!

  • Not a great BFL day yesterday,

    Skipped my w/o after work to go out with some co-workers, did not eat clean at all.  There is a threat of lay offs coming at the end of this month so we were blowing off some steam.  I  will have to go home and work out tonight extra hard and then get right back on track tomorrow.

    Susie, that yoga sounds good I know alot of people that are in really good shape swear by it.  Have you been doig it for long?

    By the way, my father, after many decades of going to a barber, now will only go to the hair cuttery  

  • Hello fellow BFL'ers

    Did a butt kicking leg w/o last night and killed an upper body w/o this morning.  Raised the weights on all exercises.  Felt good to work so hard. Was going to attempt a cardio tonight but I won’t get home from work till 9:30 tonight so I don’t think it’s going to happen.  I’ll make sure I murder some fat with a good cardio tomorrow morning.

    Eating clean

  • Hi all,

    Happy Tuesday.

    I hope everyone is doing well in thier challanges.  I'm sticking to the program and feeling good. Early work meeting today so I wil have to get my cardio in tonight.

    Susie I hope you and your father are well.

    Have a great day

  • Hello,  

    Penny stay with it!!  You really are on track.   I am going to start kicking it tomorrow.  All last week I felt tired.. weird.  And I was taking whey protein chocolate powder made by Body Fortress.  I cannot afford EAS products so I got this product from Walmart.  Well, I stopped taking it last Friday.  Picked it up again sunday a.m. and within 30 min I was yawning and feeling tired.  Weird.  Mayby it's nothing at all, but I don't get it.  Also, the Betagen I order from Ebay never arrived.  Not a big deal.  I have gained 5 lbs. and my clothes are tighter, not looser.  I am more sedentary than normal.  I am home a lot, on the computer applying for jobs and I am making calls and apparently gaining weight. Perhaps it's muscle gain!  

    I am so sorry to hear about your job situation and I do hope you do not lose your job.  That is a very tough situation-  keep up with your workouts!  Keep me posted.

    I love yoga.  I have been doing it for several years on and off.  I used to go to classes that I really liked but it became too costly.  For now I use some dvd's at home.  I am not advanced in it, I just like the streatching and strengthening and relaxation it brings.  I just learned of one type called Yin Yoga which helps to work on the joints.  I will be checking that out.  The church I go to has started offering yoga classes for a small donation.  That will work!  I know I will do yoga forever.  It has a variety of benefits, all good!

    The guy who cut dad's hair did a great job, better than the previous person.   He used to go to a barber too but Hair Cuttery is more convenient.  Another customer there was talking to me about her hair, she didn't want to color it anymore, or keep the length...she said her husband, of 30 yrs, asked her, where is the blonde I married? she told him, she's dead!  Wow, OMG  LOL and TMI, I thought.  Too funny.  

    Have a great Wednesday

  • Happy Friday.

    Keeping on track with the w/o and eating.  

    Mabey try a different protien powder.  The betegen is good so trace that ebay order.

    Sorry about your gain, but Iknow that not feeling well doesn't help.  Makes you want to skip work outs and eat comfort food.

    I hope you are feeling better now and are back on track.  It's a long process.  Remember how good you'll feel at Thanksgiving with your new body if you stick with it.  

    No worrise about the job, My boss said he is not laying me off, so that worry is off my shoulders. Thanks for your concern, I was worried ther for a while.  

    Yoga sounds cool.  Mabey after I lose some weight I'll give it a try.

    You taking your dad out again tomorrow?  If so I hope you have fun.  

  • Hello Penny,

    Yea, thank goodness you will keep your job!  That is so great.  What a relief for you.

    I did check on the Betagen which should arrive soon, seller is checking on what happened and sending it again.

    I am feeling good, back on track with the w/o and always trying to pick up the intensity in my w/o.  

    Again, congrats on keeping your job!

  • Hello Susie

    I'm glad you are back on track.  I know it is easy to get de railed.  I've been there, but it feels so good to get back into good eating and good work outs.  It's nice to have earned the cheat day.  I'm getting much better at keeping it to one day instead of letting it slip into that second day.

    Thanks for your well wishes, it is a ral relief to hav a little job security.  

    Hope your dad is doing well.

    Have a great day