Day one

  • Today is my first day of challenge and I can not wait to transform

  • Good Luck and have fun doing it too.  Follow the program by the book and you will  not go wrong.

    Tis better to look UP in the mirror to be inspired than to look DOWN at the scale and lose your desire!! - SEM

  • I too started my challenge yesterday!!  I am excited and hope I eat right for my goals because I don't want to lose much body fat and want to gain some muscle.  I am 58, slender, have lost some muscle tone that I want to get back.  I haven't exercised much beyond walking, in the past few years unfortunately!  I am divorced and have been unemployed since February.  So it is getting tough but mayby this journey with the Challenge will help me get where I need to go!  I truly hope so. :)

  • Nice thanks I postponed until Thursday....medical issue but I love the inspirational quote

  • Had to postpone til I see doc. Will start on Thursday.  I am 48 and let  myself go.  I built a gym in my home with some real good weight and cardio equiptment so I have all the tools just need to keep the motivation.  I defineatley think that this program ill help you transform many aspects of your life.  I'll look forward to hearing about your progress.


  • Welcome to the BFL forum site and to the BFL Challenge,  I wish you the best, be sure to plan ahead for the meals and workouts, follow the plan to the best of your ability and then some. Always remember that it is a challenge and Keep Moving Forward even when you stumble.  Be sure to ask for advice and moral support from us here at the forum and joing a thread starting about your time would help also.

  • Good luck pennyready on your journey.  First 2 weeks are just turning the train around. Always plan ahead and prepare.  I'm just finishing up on day 23 and it feels great.  Just starting out myself and I'm ready to transform also.

    Oh yeah, when you find yourself waking up on a day that you don't feel up to the routine, remember those are breakthrough days. Fight through and you will be rewarded, I know.

  • Penny & WPBill thanks for your welcome!  Penny that is so great that you have good exercise equipment in your home.  I really wish I had  that!!  Good luck with your first 2 weeks :)   WPBill- the planning of meals is a small challenge but I hope I can stick with it.  Thanks for the encouragement.  


  • Thanks for the advice jferg55.  It's only day one but i'm optimistic.  It's gonna be words optimism from good people like you that are gonna help me through.

  • Believe it or not I got the equiptment because I was embarrassed to go to gym.  I'm determined to lose this negative feeling about myself.  Time to get some confidence back.

     Only day one but feeling good.  Did good cardio this morning, eating well and looking forward to day 2.  Hope you are feeling good too.  

  • Agghh !  I took my before pics last night.  Boy was that a depressing eye opener.  I'm looking forward to my 4 week pics, looking for some real changes.  

    Was called in to work early today so had to postpone upper body work out til tonight.   I hate working out after work, but I am determined to follow this program to the tee.  

  • I am determined too.  Stay with that.  I need this challenge since I let myself go a few years ago when I started taking care of my mother for 2 years till she passed.  That happened end of 2011 and till right now I had not exercised or eaten really well.  This year I am seeing changes in my body like losing muscle, went through menopause a year ago, and getting really stiff.  I don't have anyone reminding me or cheering me on to stick with this program but I know that I need it badly.  I have had the book for several years but never went through the entire program.  Being unemployed since Feb. is a big strain on me.  So as I look for work and stay on the challenge, I hope that there will be good changes in my life.  

    You are a step ahead of me by taking the dreaded pics.  I'll get that done this weekend.

    It feels real good to feel some sore muscles!  

    Keep at it!!!  

  • Thanks Susie27

    I'm much like you, taking care of my parents.  Went through 2 job changes this year after being at one company for 9 years.  That wound up to be a good change so I'm ready to make another good change.  I know this is only day 2 but i'm feeling good about this.  If we just stick with it it'll be haloween before we know it and then Thanksgiving comes up so quickly.  At that point we will have completed our first 12 week challange :-D  Hang in with me and we can cheer each other on.

    Sorry about your mother passing

  • Great uper body work out last night.  Did a hard 20 minute cardio this morning.  Today is my food cheat day....I know, I'm only three days in.  Don't judge ;-)  I have to make Sat cheat day cause I intend on enjoying some coctails on my cheat days and Sunday is my only day off to sleep in a bit.  I'm afraid if I try to push with no cheat day until next Sat, I will get frustrated and quit.

    I don't want to set myself up for failure.

    I'm haveing aproblem with the food, I'm not finding the time to eat 6 times a day.  I need to realy prepare for next week.  That means some shopping and cooking tomorrow.

    Hope everyone has a great day.    

  • Thanks Penny and hey, your 3rd day, only my 6th day!!  No problem cuz every single day counts, start to finish!  I am sure you'll really enjoy your cheat day, cocktails yea!  My cheat day is tomorrow.  Looking forward to that and very cold beer or cocktail.  Not sure which yet, I'll try to make it more than a liquid diet.  Kidding.  

    Cardio is kicking my you know what cuz it's been too long. After the aerobic workout this morning, I went to get dad to bring him to my place for the day.  I usually get him on Saturdays.  He is 91 and I know he loves getting away from the VA, Veterans Admin. here in VA.  I just work my Saturdays around that time with him..

    Yea for cheat day!!!