A different kind of Abyss

  • On week seven now.  Something surprising has happened to me lately.  It seems as I continue to lose weight my appetite is going away.  I really have to remind myself to eat.  During the first few weeks that was not a problem....trust me.

    Yes, I am getting my meals in but I think my brain is telling me "Hey this is working, eat less."  Having been a binge eater in the past I know I am susceptible to using food in a negative way.  I was just wondering if anyone else experienced this?

    I say again...I am doing the right thing and eating, I am just not hungry when I do it.

    Best of health and discipline to you all.






  • JamesK: I wonder if your "appetite" was more of an emotional feed. A habit. (been there) Now that you are stronger mentally, you recognize what your body needs. You perhaps "thought" you were hungry, "thought" you needed food to get through a certain point in the day. You are recognizing thirst, and clean fuel.

    Isnt BFL cool! It teaches us SO much about ourselves. :)

    Whey to go JamesK.

  • James-

    I can identify with you- I feel the same way now entering my 7th week. I have to keep watching the clock to remind myself  to eat. Usually I am thinking "again??"

    Legs- I think you are right on!!

    Stacy Lynn

  • oh yeah definitely know what the pre-BFL eating habits were about.  Now though, even with BFL's calorie and food restrictions I want less.

    I guess my purpose in posting was to encourage folks to keep eating even if you think you can wait.  If you are eating clean you are probably taking in near the minimum calories needed already to keep the muscles fed and able to work.  Reducing it further would not be productive for progress.

    Thanks all.

  • I too am on week 7 and just this morning realized I was off my second meal by a half hour. Just got involved in a work project and forgot to eat when I had planned. I always eat every meal, but your'e right, sometimes you have to be conscious of the time and be sure to do it because the hunger won't always tell you :)

  • I'm not that great at staying on track with eating once I get busy.  I set a reminder on both my cell phone and on my computer outlook calendars so I don't forget.

    Love you some you...PERSEVERE!