myoplex question

  • Hi everyone. I'm starting my 3rd week on body for life and had a question. I am trying to build muscle and lose fat. I currently eat 3 meals a day and drink 3 myoplex lite drinks a day. I am wondering if this is optimal for fat loss or if myoplex should only be used post-workout (on lifting days) and when you need a meal but don't have one with you to avoid missing a meal. Is it preferable to eat 6 meals made up of "real" food? Also, would it be better to consume a casein shake as my last meal rather than a myoplex shake? I've never heard of eating carbohydrates before bed -- which is what I'm doing when I drink a myoplex lite -- so I'm wondering if it would be preferable to eat something with less or no carbs before bed.

    Thank you for your help.

  • Casein is a SLOW absorbing protein which is better to take before bed time so that it will work in your sleep.  I feel that Myoplex is a great replacement meal(snack) and after workout drink.  There are cheaper and more expensive products out there so if you are interested in the Casein protein for night your research, and see if that is truely something you need.

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  • Heidi, Myoplex was developed for those meals that are hard to fit in to your day.  It was/is Bill Phillips version of Met-RX, which was the first nutrition shake he was involved with, before legal battles left him not associated with that product.  It's a shake that gives you a lot of your vitamins and minerals that are hard to squeeze into a meal, and basically a way to get in a meal without having to really plan for it.  If you want, you can eat six meals a day that consist of food.  Personally, I take two Myoplex a day, and occasionally, when the schedule gets really hectic, I'll add a third, but for the most part, it's 2 a day.  According to the BFL program, you're supposed to have 6 meals a day with protein and carbs in them.  Some people, including myself, eliminate or drastically reduce the carbs from the last meal of the day.  Important to note, this is not ever stated in the original BFL book to do this.  The program says to have 6 meals a day, with protein, carbs and a little fat.  I just state that because I don't want people saying that you're not supposed to have carbs with your last meal.  For me, it's something I choose to do.  Before bed, I take a protein shake with no carbs in it, so my body can work on recovery and have plenty of protein while I sleep.  Best of luck to you!