Sleeping better! Anyone else noticing that?

  • Well going into my second week and for four nights straight, I've been sleeping for seven hours without waking up at all!  I always thought I was a light sleeper, I ALWAYS wake up at lease twice during the night...sometimes I can't go back sleep, always tired, dark circles under my eyes, crabby..but not lately..

    I don't know if it's the weight training, cardio, vitamins, Myoplex, all the water or the quality of food, but I am sleeping like a baby! Now I know why people run those 5k's and are addicted to exercise!  The benefits are outstanding!


  • Greetings Angelpants,  I would have to say from this and past challenges (C1,C2, C3 for me) that it is a combination of all of the elements of the training and eating correctly that help with the restful sleep (provided you give yourself the time recommended to get in the sleep time which has been a priority of mine this time around because it gives better gains and losses in your efforts).  Keep up the good work and Keep MOving Forward as you have and I am sure even better results will occur for ya. Thanks for bringing this up to everyone on the site.

  • Howdy WPBill! Roll Tide! I also noticed last night at my second part-time job at Cracker Barrel that I was so hyper and bouncing off the walls LOL! I guess it's all the vitamins and the stuff in the Myoplex, plus sleep!!  I was more hyper than when I took diet pills last summer haha!  

    Feeling GREAT! Lost six pounds since June 10TH!  It's all good from here on out! Take care WPBill..see you on the other side! We got this!!


  • What awesome news, Angelpants!  Sleeping more is definitely a benefit to look forward to!  Sounds like the BFL program is doing wonders for you!  You are definitely motivating me and I wish I was on day 10 with you. Your pound loss is awesome and your excitement is contagious!  Bravo to you!  I am looking forward to hearing more!

  • awww thanks kermienme! I am definitely "feeling" better..not actually "seeing" the big results yet, well I can see a small difference in my tummy, but gee! The energetic feeling and having tons of energy is worth it all!  I am working really hard on my workouts..going exactly by the book..looking every day at the success stories...all the people before me that have been successful and look fantastic...keeps me motivated!

    My manager at Cracker Barrel noticed it..called me in the office to tease me about I need to stop bringing everyone down hahaha! he was kidding..I was running around like a's gotta be the vitamins lol!  

  • I'm glad I can motivate someone else...I see a lot of negative on this forum...but you know...if you're not positive about this, you'll never get anywhere...I mean my heart goes out to anyone having a hard time with far , it's been pretty easy for me..I try not to over-think it..act like this is how I roll..this is what I do hahahaha!  I just trust in it and I'm making good food choices, exercising...(like I should be doing anyway)..and just feeling good! I'm never hungry..I don't suffer cravings as much as some people are unfortunately experiencing..but also, I'm an extremely busy person with a whole lot more on my mind that the Challenge..I do website development, crafts and I work two no time to think about that may be what helps me not over-think this whole thing..I just do what I'm supposed to do..working out..eating right and I trust, everything will just fall into place!

    Much love BFL Family...keep believing! It works!

  • Angelpants!  Bravo!  I believe that you and we will all be astounded at the result of your first challenge!  You have the right mindset and as was written in the BFL book that if you believe it you will definitely achieve it!  I hope you are keeping a journal of your journey. I can see you becoming a life and motivator coach. I have a lot of admiration for you with all of the responsibilities you have and the desire within to add BFL to your extremely busy schedule. You have a lot to share and learn from. I enjoy your positive attitude and the excitement you are bringing to this new lifestyle. Am looking forward to beginning once I get clearance from surgery!  Thanks for shaing. Kudos!

  • awww thanks kermienme! I can't wait for you to get clearance, wish we could have followed each other along, but you are in love with BFL or you wouldn't be posting on the forum! I really believe this is the best program out there!

    I was thinking about this this morning...No one builds a house in one takes I look at my body like a house..I'm building it up one step at a time..building my best body..every day..building on what I did yesterday! It takes time, but in the end...its going to be the best body I've ever had!  I think it's easy to get impatient if you have unrealistic expectations of took time to get where you are..going to take time to build your best body, but it WILL could it not if you're doing what you're supposed to be doing?

    Thank you Kermienme! I wish I could write as eloquently as's like poetry, mine is like ghetto slang hahahahaha!

    Much love, angela

  • Lol!  Angela, did you read the paragraph that you just wrote about building a house?  That is definitely poetry in motion!  Would not categorize that as ghetto at all!  I hope you write those inspiring sentences in your journal. I will keep them in my mind when I begin my own house building. After all, our body is our temple!   I agree, i do like the concept and challenge of BFL. I believe BFL will be the right ingredient's for my weight loss and temple building!  I can't tell you how disappointed I was to have had the gallbladder attack last Monday and then surgery. I was so prepared to begin with you and the the June 10 crew!  Also, what really got to me was both the anesthesiologist and surgeon kept stressing that with a person of "my size" surgery would be a little bit more challenging. I kept telling them that I was to begin a new program to work on losing the weight that very same morning!  So, instead, I am enjoying your journey and thank you for sharing your inspiration. Remember also, that if you should have an off day, you are still very inspiring!

  • aww Kermienme! I'm so sorry the doctor labeled you like that!  So tacky!!! I'm so glad you are ok!

    Well..Thank you..I never thought of my words as poetry..I am an optimist though!  Can't isn't in my vocabulary lol!!!

    I know that when I look at weight charts, I'm categorized as Obese..that's so off-putting! I've always been small until I reached my 40's, then boom went the dynamite LOL!  But I feel so hopeful about Body for Life! I finally have some hope to be able to control my weight and look great!

    Can't wait to see you post that you've started the Challenge!!!!  I'll be cheering you on!!

    Much love**


  • Greetings Angelpants and Kermienme,   Please remember that a lot of those so called "weight versus Height " charts were based on the Met Life Charts from the 1950's when the science of body analysis was young and somewhat flawed. The study itself they are based on has come under fire many times but yet they still persist. I know this because I actually have a calorie counter book from the late 60's /70's and they state the charts, that are basicaly the same today even with BMI ,are based on that study and those charts so don't be disheartened by that classification but rather use them as a rather basic but flawed guidline until the medical community realizes that they are not in tune with the current muscle density that many folks have after working out a while (Arnold would have been obese under those charts by the way, so would have Lou Ferrigno for that matter).  Hope this helps out. Keep Moving Forward.....WPBILL

  • It's disheartening to see so many people begin this program, and as challenges go on, you start to see fewer and fewer of them post.  They begin with the drive that's necessary, but for whatever reason, they surrender to the pressures that society places on us, and return to their old ways.  Yet, as you said Angela, this program does work.  I don't know if so many people get discouraged because after 5 weeks, they don't look anything like the "After" pictures of those people in the BFL books.  I admit, I would love to look like a lot of those people, but I've never thought I could achieve that in a single challenge, with the weight I began my journey.  Now, here I am in the 12th week of my 2nd challenge, and I'm beginning to see the body I want to see.  It's taken me 24 hard weeks, and I'm not at my ultimate goal yet, but I'm beginning to be very happy with the results I've achieved.  As so many people have mentioned on this forum, this is not a's a marathon.  

    People need to realize that there will be setbacks at times.  There will be times when you experience the worst luck in the world to get in the way of your transformation.  That may be getting hospitalized yourself, having someone close to you pass away; having to have emergency surgery; (all things I've read on this forum over the past 6 months), but it doesn't mean your journey has to end.  Recover and persevere.  No one said it would be easy.  But I don't think it's hard either.  Do you get to enjoy eating all the things that got you into the terrible shape to begin with?  One day a week you do!  Better than a lot of other fad diets!  However, as I explained to my wife today, life could be worse.  Cows only get to enjoy grass everyday of their life.  What's their variety, brown grass compared to green grass?  We at least get a choice of healthy foods with this program.  Find recipes you enjoy.  They're out their.  I really don't like chicken a whole bunch, but I've actually found some ways to prepare chicken that makes it enjoyable.  Oatmeal isn't always flavorful, but it's an awesome carb for your body!  Think about your health, not your pleasure!  Your pleasure comes from your results!  

    Eating is by far the hardest part of this program.  The workouts are hard at first, but become very routine.  Yes, you make them challenging, and yes, you have days when you really don't want to go to the gym, but you do it anyway.  Don't fall for the "if I miss one day, it won't hurt me any".  If that's what your conscience is telling you, you need to respond with, "It won't help you to miss either!"  But the most difficult part of this program is the eating.  Not necessarily what you eat, but also, how often you eat.  All I can say is PLAN!!!  I think that's a major contributor to where people fall of the wagon back into their old ways.  If you're not prepared for the unexpected, you're going to FAIL!!!  I've learned this lesson the hard way, many times.  One lesson I've learned in life...if you're going to the mall with your significant other, bring nutrition bars, Myoplex, apples and almonds, a cooler with chicken and rice, and whatever you may fancy, because you don't know when you'll be home to eat your next meal!  This was actually a goal of mine this challenge, because I've struggled with it so many times in past challenges.  And I'm happy to say that I've never missed a meal because my wife wasn't finished shopping!  :)  

    Okay, I've rambled enough.  I could go on and on for days about things people need to overcome to be successful.  Bottom line, this program works!  You get what you put into it.  If you want to put in half the energy that it requires, expect to get half the results.