End of Week 2 Update

  • So far so good. I have completed all my workouts thus far.  A few days I did miss cardio or weight training, but I made it up throughout the week. 

    I am slowly increasing my weights.  And, my first cheat day was a complete binge. My second cheat day actually was spread over Friday/Saturday. I ended up having a cheat meal on Friday and two cheat meals on Saturday.  Not bad.  Still making progress.

    Down 5 pounds and my bodyfat changed about a half a percent.

  • That's awesome!  

  • Keep it coming PeachSonia

  • Way to go Sonria. sound like you are on course for success, just watch the cheat meals and try to get the more healthy alternatives if they are on the road.

  • Keep posting your progress!  I'm starting tomorrow and I'm excited to see changes in everyone. :)

  • Just started my second week, did enjoy free day, lost total of 8 lbs, can feel the difference in clothes, but have 11 more weeks to go, can't wait to see the progress week by week, taking photos each week, hard to tell first week, but, can tell some diff.

  • Great progress Sunset!  The photos really help when the scale isn't showing what's really going on.  I remember one challenger actually took her photo's daily and it was cool to "flip" through frames to see her physical transformation.