Day 9 and going strong

  • So, I am feeling good thus far into the program.

    I must admit that I overindulged on my free day. I would warn everyone not to do that.

    My stomach hurt and I felt terrible. My body felt like I had a food hangover.

    The next free day will probably just consist of a free meal instead of an all-out binge.

    I did lose 1 pound during week 1. Woo-hoo!

  • That's awesum!!! I don't know if I will weigh myself for a while lol! I want it to be a big surprise..I may try to wait three weeks...I took my measurements yesterday..sooooo depressing, but fixable!  

    Way to go! good work!

  • That is awesome, Peachsonria!  Thanks for the advice on how to approach "free day". I will apply it when I begin the program. Congrats on the 1 pound loss!  I am very aware how difficult it is to lose a pound. Great efforts!

  • I just made a similar comment. I'm happy with 1 cheat meal.  Nice job.

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