The beginning of a new era!

  • I have had the body for life material for some time now along with other health information that is just gathering dust. Now is the time to exert my will toward this area of my life that I've chose to neglect over recent years. I'm looking forward to sharing my daily results along with weekly photos along this journey of constant and never ending improvement.

  • Congrats on your decision to take action that is a very important first step. Be sure to read and head that book you have.  I often use the BFL Success Journal to keep me on track as well (got it on an esite for very little and less than the average book store sells it for if you can find it). Be sure to plan and have faith in yourself and your goals and the challenge will go a lot smoother than you think at first. Keep Moving Forward!!!

  • WPBill

    Thank you for the kind words as I believe I can achieve my goals as this site will provide the

    Leverage needed to follow through.

  • How do you post pics on here?

  • Ok eff now the transformation begins. Will update daily.

  • Getupinfinite,

    To post pictures, click on the link by the reply button that says "Use rich formatting" and a new screen will come up that looks similar to a Word document. The second toolbar has a small icon that looks like a polaroid photo with a green screen. Click on that and follow the instructions to upload a picture from your computer right to your post.

    Hope that helps!

    ~Tiffany, the BFL Team