Can I Do This???

  • I'm wondering if I can do this. I've had two heart attacks and my cardiologist okayed me to work out, but says no to using free weights, but has no issues with like Nautilus machines. However, everything I'm reading in the book and online say free weights. Can I not get an equivalent workout with the machines?
  • You can do this! From what I understand, the machines give you a limited range of motion, so it helps to prevent bad form, injury, and it targets a specific muscle. When you lift free weights, your other muscles are involved so you get a more rounded workout. But that doesn't mean you can't use the machines. We all have to start somewhere. I bet if you really did the whole program, your doc will be very impressed by the 12 week mark and you will have more options. But for now just do it like you were instructed by your physician.

    I went to my primary care Dr in my first week. I went back half way through and showed her my notebook of workouts and diet. She saw the difference in my scale weight and cholesterol and was so proud of me. She said she wished more of her patients would do what I am doing. The balance of carbs and protein and the way the workouts are structured is very sound in her opinion. Its really cool to see how excited your doctor can get when you do what you can to turn your health around.

    I hope that helps, and good luck to you!

  • Find a cardiologist that actually works out ;)

  • Absolutely you can do this program!  Like the others have already stated,  there is no reason you cannot use the machines until you get more clearance from your cardiologist.  Once you start getting more of a clearance, then you can start adding in some of the free-motion, free weights into your program.

  • Okay!  Time to get this thing started.  June 3rd will be go day.

  • Yay!  I'll be joining you soon!

  • Best of luck to you! =)

  • Any thoughts on Greek yogurt as meal? It is high in protein. Non fat.


  • Greetings I do use greek yogurt in my afternoon meal (lunch) 4 times a week at least and I use a EAS Advantage Lean ready to drink shake with that for additional protein and minimal carbs as well.