One of a kind

  • When I look thru the people that have done this I don't see any that are my size.  I weigh 436 lbs. I am going to do this for myself but I pray that it will give hope for people my size and motivate them.

  • Greetings stpatmac,  I applaude your courage and committment to your goals. I am sure that if you apply youself that you will indeed provide a great deal of encouragement to all who visit this site and anyone in the weight range mentioned especially who may be following this site. I , myself, formely weighed 287 when I first started with a very high fat body weight percentage and now I am down in the 230 range now with a much higher muscle ratio and much lower body fat pecentage than before so anything is possible when you put forth the effort. Keep MOving FOrward and keep in touch with all of us here.

  • I haven't seen anyone on here with that start weight either, but I have seen it on other websites where people post progress pictures from whatever they're doing. I have a lot of heart for you. I have seen people start out close to 500 lbs and lose close to 200 lbs in a year without weightloss surgery or anything like that. It absolutely can be done. You will lose weight faster when you have a higher body fat percentage. I have also seen people go through gastric bypass and liposuction, and believe me I wouldn't wish that on anyone. My dad has many patients in the hospital who go through those procedures. It doesn't have to be like that. I know you didn't mention that stuff, I was just bringing it up because so many people who get to a higher weight lose hope and feel like surgery is the only way, so its a little more rare to see their transformations.

    I hope you can do this too. You can be an incredible inspiration to the people who have lost hope. I don't see hardly anybody who started out at my size, and I am 200 lbs less than you are. I am so thankful for past challengers like Mina Hobbi, I think bout her every day. I can only imagine how you must feel, but I am willing to help in any way I can if you need support. I probably would have been a lot bigger if I didn't have a substance abuse problem in the past. My weight went up quickly when I quit everything. I've always had issues with food, I mean even when I did stuff that makes people eat nothing for long periods of time I was still overweight.

    One thing that helps me with the challenge is I figure out which auhorized foods make me want to keep eating more and I stay away from those. I pick foods that I like but don't spark the urge to eat too much. It was so hard at first, but after a week or two of total abstinence from the "bad stuff" I really didn't want it anymore. Even on the free day, I don't have things like fast food because I won't be able to stop thinking about it for a week or more.

    The best thing in the world about doing the chalenge is that I stopped hating my body because I know 100% that I'm not stuck in it anymore. I know I am always improving from the new way of living, I never feel like "oh god are my clothes going to be too small next month" anymore. Its a scary feeling to have all the time, and it is just gone now. Also I don't feel that sickening shame when I have to get my picture taken. If I look fat I just think of it as future "proof" of how I used to look. Also I don't think of junky food as a reward anymore. I think of the way I look and feel as a reward. The mental changes happened unexpectedly, I didn't really focus on trying to think that way specifically. I just thought of how I used to feel and I'm like holy crap its different now!

    Sometimes I am long winded, I just really really want you to know that you can do it and it gets so much better. You can ask me anything about it if you're having trouble, not just with the plan but stuff like "how did you deal with this  ________ feeling". I have stuck to the program rigorously, and tomorrow is day one of week 12 for me!!

    Other people will be helpful too (like Mr. WPbill up there! :-)

  • I commend you for starting this journey! Keep posting your progress, and you'll receive tons of support (literally!). Maybe some folks don't have as far to go as you do, but everyone here has a journey and a destination. Everyone can help you as you progress.

    I look forward to following your progress, and I'm so happy that you are choosing BFL to achieve your goals. SOOO much healthier than invasive surgeries or starvation diets. The program works not only on the outside, but you'll also achieve so many emotional goals that extreme weight loss methods will not and cannot help you reach.

    I hope you don't mind if I follow you? I'm excited for you, and you absolutely CAN do this. Follow the program to the letter, and I can promise you it will work.

    All my best!


  • Thanks for the encouragement. My official start date is next Monday I am taking time to get it together and plan. I appreciate the support and encouragement it will make it easier.