Here I Go Again!!!

  • Not sure if the is the correct way to post to this forum. Anyway, here it goes!. I'm 51 years old and have started this challenge at least 10 times in the last 12 months.I'm about 60-65 lbs overweight! I am s i c k - t o - d e a t h of failing in my attempts to lose weight! I competed in the BFL challenge about 10-11 years ago. Although I didn't win the challenge - I lost 55 pounds. I went from a 40" waist to a 31". I maintained that weight for about three years - Then gained it all back and then some. I want to be healthy! I don't want to take blood pressure meds! I want to run the LA Marathon in 2014!! So, this is it. I'm going for it! I would be ecstatic to complete and WIN this challenge! I need this for myself, my family and my life!!

    Corey Arhart

  • Corey -

    Wow, sounds like you have some serious goals to reach, get some!!


  • Corey - Congrats on your decision to go for it once again.  This time around, don't focus on the start or the finish, but just focus on each day, and each day write about it here in this forum.  It feels alone when the people (work, family, friends) aren't doing the challenge with you, it can make you feel like stopping at anytime.  But just know there are people out in the world that are making a difference.  Find them connect with them and you'll find soon enough you'll inspire others.

    once that happens it's hard to not keep going!

  • Sure do! I'm looking forward to feeling better (and looking better)

    Corey Arhart

  • Thank You for your encouraging words!! I really want this! I want to feel and be healthy!

    Corey Arhart

  • Corey - you can do this! I have started and restarted diets many, many times but am also determined to make this stick as a lifestyle. This is the only body we get to live our lives in  - might as well make it the best one we can!!