• Well I started the challenge today pretty much after prepping myself from past failures, my detmerination is so spuratic I have little hope that I will make it through this but after finally seeing my before pictures I don't want to look like I do, I honestly want to treat my body like the temple it should be and not this mess

  • Ben - you have taken the first step. Congradulations!  Now, take that motivation and let it drive your discipline to commit a full 84 days to the program.  It is not easy, but if it was, everyone would be doing it.  There are others your age that have done this with impressive results which I have no doubts you can achieve.  Welcome aboard!!  


  • Next step:  Read through some of these forum posts, find a group you like, and latch on!  check in every day... seeing other people doing it helped me get through it was well.  I'm just rolling into week 17, with no signs of stopping!  Mostly because I'm trying to get stronger than David (above poster- aka Maximus- aka "Dad").

  • Congratulations Ben,  You have made a very brave and determined step towards a better future for yourself and those around you. I am sure with your attitude you will do very well on your first challenge and will be very happy with the results from the 12 weeks of Challenge. Keep MOving Forward and be sure to ask here for guidance and support as you travel the path to wellness.

  • Ben- Congrats on entering the challenge!  You're a young man so it will be a lot easier for you to make some great gains at this point in your life (things get harder as you age...).  If you stick to this program you'll blow it out of the water.  I bet you'll have abs showing in 12 weeks.  Plus....  You have to outperform your dad, right? ;-)

    We're all here for you if you need anything!


  • Hey guys I kinda blew week one, no excuses there but when we fall we get right back up right? thanks so much for the support keep me accountable! You are all awesome especially Maximus aka Dad up there :) and you bet I am about to out perform him Justin!

  • Hey kiddo, its never too late. But you might want to know that it will be harder after turning 25, at that age your body will start to lose muscle mass unless you make effort to keep it on. So its better to not wait. I remember thinking that I just wanted to enjoy being young, but I didn't enjoy it as much as I could have if I felt healthy and comfortable in my body.

    And now I am doing it at 26, and omg it takes so much longer to lift heavier and I have to be SO careful with my diet.

    Watch "Pumping Iron" on youtube! Its about Arnold Shwartzenegger when he used to do body buildng, back before there were steroids or any of that stuff. And he is only 28 in the movie. It will make you want to get in the gym and re-define your 10. And its pretty funny because its from the 70s. There's this part where someone asks Arnold if he drinks skim milk, and he was like "no I don't drink milk. Milk is for babies" lolol!

  • Wow that sounds Legit! of course I guess I'm still I'm a baby cause I love me some milk lol..but on all seriousness I will watch it thanks so much for the support!

  • Ben when lifting be sure to increase your weights gradually as your strength increases and watch the stress on your knees and other joints (like shoulders ) by checking your form (ps also your back, keep it in correct alignment when doing the more tough movements). Keep Moving Forward !!!

  • Ben keep taking action as nothing is ever accomplished by doing nothing.