Pure Protein Bars??? An ok meal?

  • I have fallen in love with Pure Protein bars! They totally kill my cravings for sweets and I look forward to them every day. They pak 20grams of protein and 17Carbs, 200cal for those that are counting.

    I'm on my 3rd week and am so excited to continue my challenge. I saw some really changes while doing my UBWO last night.

    thanks for any input

  • They make a GREAT meal! Personally, I use Zone Perfect, because they have a couple of flavors besides chocolate, which I can't eat. The ones I eat most (Stawberry Yogurt) have 25g carbs, though, and only 14 g of Fiber, so yours are much closer to ideal!

    If you look at the Sample Menus in the books and online, you'll see that most include the use of the Myoplex Shakes (I either use Lite or, most often, mix my own from powder. Ok, like every morning.) and the Protein Bars. Keep it up! You're on the right track! Be encouraged by those results you're seeing. Doessn't it feel good?? :D



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  • I buy these bars as well as I like the taste and they are low in sugar, I think 2 grams. So I think if they are filling you up and it doesn't spark cravings for other things, then go for it.  

    My kids even like to try a bite...and they don't really like my "BFL food"!

    Oh, there's a thread on here of a couple looking for people in their 3rd wk to stay in contact with...maybe you can help them out...sounds like you are doing great! :)

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  • Hi there!  I just bought these the other day and LOVE them.  I definitely use them as a meal.  I also bought the pure protein drinks too because the Myoplex Lites bother my stomach ( I think something to do with the soy content).  I just add a carb with them.

    P.S - I'm also on week 3!    :-)   Let's keep on keepin' on!!