Help? Motivation?...Maybe just a rant?

  • Hello everyone :)

    My name is Shannon. I started out my challenge at 183lbs. I'm finishing week 7 and have lost about 10lbs scale weight so far.

    The last two to three weeks have been extremely difficult to say the least. Sorry for the long rant but I kind of just need to get it out of my system.

    Week 4-5 (I started on a Wednesday so my timeline is a little weird) landed on finals week and even though I kept on track (for the most part), I was extremely busy, skipped a few meals and was unable to frequently log what I was eating.

    This just poured into spring break (week 5-6) where I hardly logged what I was eating at all. My work outs were still Monday-Saturday but 4 days of cardio (around 30-45 mins per night) and two days of cross training. Spring break was extremely difficult. I went home and the only edible things we had were condiments, a chocolate cream pie, a strawberry short cake, chocolate chip cookies, marble pound cake, left over cake pops from Starbucks, ice cream, and 5 or so eggs. I, of course, had no money to get groceries so I lived off of the eggs and whatever my sister and boyfriend were nice enough to buy me (mostly flame broiler, subway, frozen grilled chicken, wheat bread, frozen fruits and brown rice).

    I managed to avoid the diet-death-trap I walked into that week until Saturday afternoon when I came home to the same stuff mentioned above and more (despite my plead to my mother to help me out with this). My mom did buy me a few things I could eat but I gave up fighting it and took a free day and a half.

    I went back to school Sunday evening and brought my boyfriend with me for the week. Part way through, I felt so overwhelmed with the restraints I had to put on where I could go and what I could eat (and therefore what he could eat with me)  I completely broke down and almost gave up. I ended up allowing myself little cheats when I needed them (1tbsp Nutella with a few fat free pretzels on Tuesday, 100 calorie pack and pho Wednesday, a cake pop  and 2 wantons yesterday).

    I think I just need some help/motivation getting back on track and maybe reversing some damage I may have done.  Any and all input is appreciated. :)

  • Hi Shannon, my name is Crystal. Like you, I have no support from friends, family, or coworkers. It is easier for people to want you to fail, rather than motivate you, because it's threatening that you/we are becoming healthier, and leaving them to their bad habits. There was a quote from a documentary called "Hunger for Change," it goes like this...

    "I can have that, but I don't want it."

    From what you've said, it sounds like you haven't made up your mind to change. Your belief in yourself MUST be stronger than your excuses. This being said, it's NOT easy. You have to get back on track with your planning, and be prepared for trips back home, or out to restaurants. Plan, plan, plan is the motto of BFL, and it is, because that's the only way we can face our obstacles.

    I KNOW you can do it, and that you can get back on track. Just commit! I can't wait to see your after pictures because you can do it Shannon!

  • Shannon,  Crystal is absolutely correct just keep going one day at a time. Don't give up and remember what Bill says ; is not what once in a while you do that defines you is what you do constantly that does!

    Keep going don;t quit or you will always be a quitter!  Be strong !

  • Think of what you've accomplished thus far.  10 pounds at your point is nothing to feel bad about.  Everyone has setbacks.  It's natural, and it's part of the learning process of how to eat healthy, and live a healthy lifestyle.  Once the day is done, forget about it, and focus on the next day.  It will do you absolutely no good to dwell on it.  Learn from your mistakes and try to do better the next day.  One of the things I try to focus on is how good I feel.  I try to remember how terrible I felt before I started the Challenge, and that can be difficult.  

    Eating with someone who is not on the program can be a difficult thing.  Find a place that you both want to eat, preferably a sit down restaurant (fast food is the devil) and you should be able to find something on the menu, even if it takes you requesting something made a special way.  If you're going out to the mall or somewhere else for the day, plan for the unexpected.  This is where meal replacement drinks or bars come in handy, if you can afford them.  Otherwise, throw some almonds and apples in your bag for a quick snack, when you're not where you need to be at a certain time.  Maybe not your idea choice for a meal, but you made it threw without letting your diet go to waste.  

    There's so many things to think about with this program that normal people don't even consider, but in reality, once you do it for a while, it becomes rather easy.  You develop new, healthy habits.  You automatically just start planning for the unexpected.  And if you do mess up, so what.  No reason to throw in the towel.  Just start fresh the next day.  Remember, if you quit, you'r'e heading back to the same feelings you had before you began your journey.

  • MJelly is right! You can totally do this. So you've had some blips -- any movement is still lapping the slacker on the couch. ;) You're moving forward. And while it's tough in college, when money is so tight, it is still possible. You've lost 10 pounds! We're all celebrating for you, because that's a huge accomplishment. You're already doing something worthwhile -- taking care of yourself. Just stick with it, stop beating yourself up, and be your own best cheerleader. You really can do this.

  • Thanks guys. :) That was entirely what I needed to hear.