• My Stats are as follows after round one of BFL. Hope to shift even more in the next round - especially on my lower abs - hate that pouchy look. 

    Waist - 27 inches 

    Hips - 32 

    Thighs 18 and 18.5 

    Arms (Upper)  - 11 

    Weight 112 

    Body fat calculator (online) says I am between 23-25% body fat. 

    We can do round two ladies. Hows u Des? 

  • Sorry for taking up so much room guys. The BFL Team must have fixed the uploader as is working fine now. Shelley if you want help to download photos just go to Use Rich Formatting - Browse - choose the pic from your computer and wait for it to upload - once its done click insert. I think I made the mistake as well of trying to put too many photos in one post - think the files were too big. One at a time seemed to work.

    Am still not happy with arms and back needs more definiition, also my lower abs.

    Shelley, you have kickstarted it big style and you are doing so well. Ive struggled with the past few days as there are still lots of easter eggs lying around lol Now Ive got the photos on I know its the kick up the backside I need to get going.

    Glad to have you two on board. Will check out the Cottage Cheese Club. X

  • nice to "see" you Clare.  I'm impressed that you are moving forward toward toning up goals. you're looking fabulous and it's very impressive that you want to tone up.

    Yesterday (Tues) I did cardio in the AM, just as the sun was coming up. I broke it up with 2min fast walk,2 min race walk, 1 min jog, repeated for 20 minutes.  It was really good except for the fact that I had a tall glass of water before I left and 10 minutes into the walk I had a terrible need for a bathroom.  I don't know how I got thru it and still pushed through and got home just in time.  It was kinda comical.

    Today (Wed)  did LBWO and was good.  ladies do either of you do other abdominal?

    Will check in tmw .


    Des- Let us know you're there!

  • Hi Shelley, sounds like you are in full swing. Must admit to faltering a bit. Dark weather getting me down and fed up of not being able to have chocolate. Did cardio today it's just the weights I'm bored with. Might do cardio everyday as I just want this fat gone now.

    I need the motivation I had the first time round. Any tips?

    Hope this doesn't bring u down as you are going great guns. Think I need to go and buy an outfit that's too small or something. What's motivating you Shelley?

    And where are u des? ?

  • I am thinking about jumping back in.  I made it to week 7 last round, and stopped.  I need to analyze what I did/did not do.  I know I go out of the "habit", which set me back.  My weights are upstairs making me feel guilty for not using my Christmas present.

    Congrats to you gals moving forward and trying to get refocused for this next round.  

  • Yaaaaaayyyyyy!!!!!! Book it, I read your comment last night and you have inspired me to get my backside into gear. Exactly what we need some more people in the group!  So glad you posted! I think we've only done a week so jump in!


    Just did my upper body and got mascara all over my face when getting ready afterwards due to shaky hands!

    It's going to be summer here soon. I will not hide away this year!!!!!!!!

    Come in des where are ya?

  • Thanks for the warm welcome back!  I appreciate that.  I am going to take my measurements and post them.  I think I need the accountability with you all.  Gotta run!

  • Nice to see you've rejoined us BOOK IT, we can definitely se a few more viewpoints.

    This week started out good, have done every workout M,T,W.TH,F....but...HELP....I caved a little with food last night and this afternoon..............I'm not sure why,..laziness....needing sweets...falling into that same mind game of " alittle won't hurt" and the a little becomes too much.  MAKE ME STOP!! Hopefully that confession will help me stop.

    Clare I sent des a facebook msg...I'll let you know if I get a response.

    Next week lets review what we do for each might hel[ compare notes.  Clare the shaking arms are impressive.

  • Helloooo ....

    Jeez, what a busy week, didn't have access to my ipad so am so sorry I have been MIA but I am here going strong!

    I had flu the week before last, then on fri I had one of my back bottom molar teeth pulled out (I swear I would have another c-section before pulling another tooth EVER)!!

    I did cardio last Tuesday, upper body wed, lower body thurs, pulled tooth fri so was in agony, free day yesterday (normal bfast then a meze platter and chic mousse cake for lunch), today I will do cardio and Tommorrow at the gym planning to do upper body.

    here is a pic of what is on my cupboard, my bed faces this, I read it mornings and evenings to remind myself what I am trying to do ... Also have some daily goals ...aaarrrggghhh it won't flipping insert ... Will try in a separate message!

    Shelley thanks for the message on fb I did reply and sent u a friend request!

    Clare, how u Holding up? U feeling a bit more motivated at all? Where do u live? I am hoping my pics on my cupboard inspire u and perhaps help so will try again to ,oad them ... Ps: will do measurements today and post!


  • Ps: Clare, seriously wow ur pics are not bad at all, 12 weeks and u will be ripped and toned as hell!!!!

  • So so glad to have you back Des. My 14 year old is just getting over the flu also.

    So as I reported on Friday the week was good with workouts..but Thursday night and Friday I faultered with food.  So on Saturday, which I am now having as free day, I had ate well until early evening and then had some marshmellows(?) and then went out to diner and had my 'freemeal" of bagel, lox (smoked salmon), cream cheese and salad.  I also walked about 40 minutes in each direction when I went to visit a friend.  I am not counting the 80 minutes as cardio...just extra movement on my day off.

    Today, Sunday, I will do my cardio before dinner.  I found I really like (and am able to do the intensity) when I do cardio in my neighbor.  The food situation might be a little challenging.  Around 2:00 we will be at a luncheon that has bagels, smoked salmon etc.  My plan is to have my protein shake around 11:30, so that I'm not starving.  Then at this luncheon BUFFET I will take 1/2 whole wheat bagel, scoop it out, and find salad or tiny piece of salmon and enjoy a good cup of coffee.  Then around 4:00 I will be home and have something safe like yogurt and apple.  Then back to dinner, and late's a plan.

    My husband is planning on starting BFL tomorrow.  He is in pretty good shape, but has slowly gained a little in the last few years.  He's always gone to the gym and he is a runner.  He also likes eating healthy.  So I think he will do well.  He asked me if he can do it or would I get jealous.  I said I probably will get jealous ( because he will gety results faster that me) but that I would also be inspired.

    I want to be as excited as I was last challenge, but the fact that I was unsuccessful is so hard to overlook.  I am scared of my weight at this point and I know how hard I tried last time and my slips and misteps cost me my success.  I have to find a way tobelieve i am capable of this.