Had to sleep off my cravings

  • Facing day 11 and doing really well. I have been going by the book, and have not been derailed. Yesterday I was starving, and ate my meals withing 2hrs of each other up until 6pm. Then meal 6 was done. I have been stressed, depressed, and would normally engage in impulse eating, and a sugar feast, but I did not. Instead, I layed my head down on a pillow and slept. Does anyone else feel like ***? I think I am really missing a support team. Doing this alone kind of sucks.

  • Hang in there!  Day 11 you body is adjusting to the new routine and if you haven't been working out before this you will be building a lot of new muscle.  Make sure you are getting enough protein an perhaps space some of the meals at 2.5 hours so your last meal is not so late.  Stick to it and it will get easier as your body adjusts.


  • Hey Intrinsic,

    I can totally relate. The first few weeks on the program are, in my opinion, the toughest. Hard Hat is right in that your body is undergoing a huge adjustment and you're going to feel it. What jumps out at me when I read your post is your comment "I'm doing really well." Well, congratulations! In spite of feeling like crap, you're hanging in there and keeping on. Your reward will come!

    I'm on week 9, and I feel awesome!!! I can actually bend over to pick something off the floor with ease, and without groaning in pain like a ninety year-old. I'm sleeping SO much better, and, of course by now, things are finally starting to look better too! My appetite has completely adjusted to the new way of eating, and I find that sometimes my Free meals just aren't as appealing as they once were. But I still indulge! (Never deprive yourself of those, BTW.)

    The Challenge is not without it's ups and downs....no one will tell you it is. The key is to keep looking to the Board for support...you'll find tons! Also, reread BFL whenever you need to. Celebrate your successes. And if you need to just go to bed and start over tomorrow, by all means, do that. (I slept a lot the first couple of weeks....another part of the adjustment, for me.)

    So glad you're off to a good start! Keep it up.


  • It's easy to get down in the beginning when you're so SORE and TIRED from starting out something new, and the "newness" starts to wear off and you start thinking, "Oh my god, I have to do this for (9,10,11) more weeks???"  It can certainly feel depressing.  But that is part of the adjustment.  It's very important not to skimp too much on your meals, which is easy to do.  You should make sure you are getting enough protein, sure, but remember not to skimp too much on the carbs; especially at first.  The carbs keep your muscles from feeling so fatigued, and they keep you going.  Lots of folks like to cut the carbs lower to reduce their calories, and it has the effect of making you a little weak.  Then, when you work out, it bonks you.  Shaving off extra calories is a trap!  You need enough to keep you going.  

    Also, and I can't emphasize this enough, make sure to get enough WATER!!!  Dehydration is insidious and will bonk you faster than anything else without you realizing you're dehydrated.   It is so very important to get that water in!  They say a gallon a day, which would equate to 16 cups.  I usually get by with 12 to 14.  Whenever you're feeling desperately worn down, try to drink a glass or two of water and see how you feel after about a half hour.  That may be all it is.

    At first, it also might be a good idea to measure your protein and carbs to make sure you're not cutting too much.  I did that at first and found that I wasn't getting enough.  Once I upped it a little, it seemed to magically keep me in order.  For me, that was about 20 grams of both protein and carbs.  For a man or a larger person, it would be more.  The palm/fist thing threw me off for awhile.

    Try that stuff and then see how you feel.  Once you get in the groove it is SO AWESOME!!!!


  • Thanks everyone! I woke up feeling much better today. It is good to know that I am not the only one feeling the difficult changes, both physically, and MENTALLY. Last night I faced cheesecake and cookies, and did not indulge. For a small moment, they actually looked unappealing. Holding out hope that this gets easier is what is driving me to move forward! You are all so impressive, and I couldnt be happier to have the support!