• I have been been doing nothing but laying in bed for the last 3 years because of a car wreck.  My weight has sky rocketed and my muscle mass has been lost.  2 months ago I started at the gym and started eating right.  At first I did 45 minutes of moderate cardio 4 - 5 days a week, and followed the points system from weight watchers.  I didn't lose anything.  So I read the transformation book, the body for life book and the champion body for life book and started on the Body for Life plan.  I am on day 11 and the scale has not moved.  I am reaching my high points 90% of the time.  I don't know what I am doing wrong!

  • You are doing nothing wrong.  Your body will take a long time to build muscle and shed fat, but try not to look at this as so daunting and instead take it one day or one week at a time.  Measure your inches and check progress on that.  I have been a size 10 and size 6 but weighed almost the same, so please don't go by weight.  When I feel discouraged, I always think to myself, how could all this intense working out and clean eating NOT make me is so different from my past lifestyle and although my scale weight hasn't dropped, I feel so much better and have better muscle tone.  I have had a bad week of not staying on track (on day 33) but am ready to get back as I have felt like crap lately!  On BFL i feel SO good.

    All the best to you - hang in there!!!


  • Throw that scale off a cliff. Your last 3 years sound a lot like mine. I didn't do hardly anything and my body spiraled out of control. I could barely pick up a 12 pack of soda. When your muscle mass is so depleated, you are going to gain that a little faster. That will make you appear heavier on the scale. Have you ever seen the comparison of what 5lbs of fat weighs compared to 5lbs of muscle? Google it. The diference is grossly huge. A huge chunk of fat weighs the same as a small bit of muscle.

    I work out when I wake up before I eat. I plan my workouts days in advance, same with meals. I don't eat anything unless it is on the list; no butter, none of that ish. I take a picture of myself every Sunday and I see a freaking difference. I got weighed at the doctor in week one. You don't need a scale. It doesn't tell you anything. I bet you lost a lot of weight when your muscle mass went doesn't indicate positive change very well when you are losing weight a healthy way with body building.

    If you do this thing by the book and measure your body using the clothes you wear and photos, you will see change. I doubt that the champions in the b4 an after pics looked exactly the same for 2 1/2 months and suddenly woke up ripped.

    Keep on it. You have done much more than a lot of people by reading and actually doing it. Celebrate even the smallest of changes, it sounds like life today is worlds apart from how you were living before. Making the change is something to be proud of everyday. Celebrate your life that could have been more than just compromised from that accident. You are a survivor<3

  • First of all, you're doing nothing wrong. It can take time for you body to lose weight. Sometimes we hold water weight and that comes off really fast, then it's a slow process from there. the important thing is that you're doing it! you've taken that step forward, excepted that you want to change your body and are now acting on it.

    cardio is a easy way to lose weight, but it's not the only way. too much cardio and not enough complex carbs/proteins will make your body hold onto fat. It goes through this starvation mode where it stores any extra carbs, fats, instead of processing them.

    Keep with this program. I'm already seeing a difference in my body, as well as my girlfriends (we're doing it as a team).

    Read my quote. I think it's perfect for what we're all trying to achieve.

    Good luck, and if you need any advice on foods, shoot me an email, I have loads of recipes.


    "We must all make the choice between what is right and what is easy" -Dumbledore

  • dwalto01,

    One thing you know for sure if that you don't want to live the sedentary lifestyle again so congratulations for over coming the car accident and pushing ahead so you can build a stronger body and lead a more productive lifestyle. DO NOT let the scale be the indicator of your self worth, your gains or a predictor of your future.

    Keep in mind that for over 1 thousand days (ie: 3 years) you were in bed. Your ability to transition from that state will take time. Your life is now 180 degree's from the way it used to be. This is your opportunity to fight your way back to happiness, freedom and embrace a program that will alter your entire existence. I know right now you just want to be thinner but as you travel this journey you will realize that their is so much more to enjoy. (continue to read BFL everyday and embrace it)

    Just do it- my friend, tap into you inner athlete and make every day count. Workout with determination, make yourself proud of your accomplishments and embrace your new lifestyle with patience, honesty and  be a survivor-



  • Amen to all the comments!  I have always given up after 5 weeks because I didn't see any progress and I always lived my life for quick and easy results.  NO MORE!!! I think I've finally learned that quick fixes just don't work!  I am taking it one day at a time, and following the plan exactly and committing to 12 weeks.  I'll be the judge of whether the program works for me or not after my 12 weeks are up :)  I cannot give up on this and You cannot either.  GO FOR IT!!!


  • I am only on day 9 so we can do this together :)


  • Kim,

    Please keep us informed! Also, consider tracking your diet with a journal.

    You can do this!


  • Read this!  It may help you to see it differently.  I plugged away with my ups and downs ( a lot of downs from not seeing results from all my hard work) and last week, WEEK 9, I finally started to really see the changes.  Now it's week 10 and I'm seeing different things almost every single day.  No 8 week miracle for me, but it is happening.

  • Please dont give up! I started off slow and worried too much about scale weight. I hung in there and the inches are coming off. It will happen, your making big changes and your body takes time to adjust. Stay strong!

    You have the power to change your life!

  • Congratulations on making the commitment.  I must admit I am an avid scale watcher.  That's just me.  I have to admit the scale didn't move for me that much until about week 8 and then I really began seeing the scale jump downward.

  • Everyone is right, scale weight means nothing! Stick with the plan, you will see question about it. I like to focus on one day at a time, it seems less overwhelming that way. Stay off of the scale, take pictures or measurements if you need "proof". The best proof is how you feel!


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