Traveling & Spring Break...Worried!

  • So I'm going on Spring Break from college, going back home, and on top of it all, I'm flying to another state for 5 days to look at apartments for grad school (wohooo!)

    I'm just concerned that I'm going to flounder! Home has been the hardest to eat healthy at...but here's my plan so far:

    1. Go grocery shopping! Get the thins I need to keep myself on track, including things for the plan (also go grocery shopping once I'm on my trip again)

    2. Go to the local gym! I've never been, but day passes couldn't hurt? I'll improvise (I made sure to book a hotel with a gym in it, so they better have the free weights and a treadmill!)

    Any other suggestions? I'm so nervous that I'm going to get completely thrown off. Any advice is appreciated!


  • A back up plan in case the gyms are crowded or missing your favorite fitness tools: learn some exercises with one of those rubber resistence bands and have a jump rope handy for emergency cardio! I was just reading about this exact thing. You can look up videos on calisthenics to get familiar with the techniques.

    Bring food that is non perishable, like tuna in the foil package, crackers, dried fruit, apples, nutrition bars. You can take the authorized foods list and pick out stuff that can go in a purse or suitcase. When I am visiting the fam, I like to make a bat cave in the room I'm staying in and be self sufficient to some degree. It makes me feel more secure, and that alone can help me to not comfort myself with food. Visiting our families can really show us what we're made of! It is an emotional thing, it makes us vulnerable.

    Good luck on your trip. If you have a weak moment, just think of how excited we are on the forum to see your awesome progress pix!

  • Lil Caity, Your statement "Visiting our families can really show us what we're made of! It is an emotional thing, it makes us vulnerable," couldn't be anymore accurate! I was invited to a family dinner on Sunday, and I've opted not to go. My family is obese, and uninterested in the healthy lifestyle. They nag you to eat and are persistent until you do so. I like the idea of a bat cave, and rubber resistence bands/jump rope. I would have never thought of that!  

    Maemouse, you'll be great, you already have the mindset to do well, and seem to be covering all bases! Good luck!

  • Maemouse, good advice from Lil Calthy and Intrinsic.  You're already ahead of the game by planning.  Makes all the difference.   About the gyms, another option - some hotels have free guest passes available for a local gym. Just have to ask.  Stayed at one when I went to Dallas and they had passes to Lifetime Fitness.  They have incredible facilites.

    On another note, I have a 19yr old son who is a freshman off at college.  He was home for spring break this past week and liked my results after 8 weeks on BFL.  He read the book over spring break and started BFL this week. He is planning out small meals and other options to dorm food  He's excited and I hope he enjoys the same success you are having.  

    Have a fun and healthy Spring Break!

  • Aw thanks for all the encouragement everyone!

    Overall, I don't think I did so badly. Did my exercises everyday, though I did give in to a couple tiny temptations. Traveling and eating with family was so difficult, but even they were impressed with what I was doing (I'll just have to forget all those annoying comments they made about dieting. My whole family is overweight/obese and doing what I'm doing is just a fad phase I think...)

    Overall, I could have done better, but I know I didn't do that badly. Progress has been made in self control!