My second BFL (after 10 years!) - Starting March 17th, 2013

  • I feel the same way with regards to the wine! That's why I allow the wine the night before the free day - so I'm only derailed on my freeday. I know that sorta makes no sense!! But I feel the same way as you, if I drink it, the next day is so hard to stay on track!

    How did my first week go? Well, I got all my workouts in. That part went great. Eating was great until Friday....and I got invited out to dinner. To a pizza place. So, I decided to make it my freeday, which turned into two freedays. I  CAN'T DO THAT!! The scale says I'm down two pounds, but I suspect that I'm totally retaining water from two freedays, or derailed the whole week. So stupid!! I'm not going to 'restart' - I'm just going to stay the course. Right now, I'm eating a rice cake with cottage cheese on it for breakie. Trying to be gluten free. So the brown rice cake is to replace some bread. Small smidgen of pb on it for healthy fats. 270 calories, almost exactly 40/40/20. I'm on night shifts, so I've packed lots of veggies and protein.

    I did take pics (for my eyes only .... haha ... at least for a while!). I can see some difference, and it's only been a week. Shelley! Let's get back on track!! You're good to go!!

    How did everyone else's week go?


  • Hi again

    It is day 36 for me and although I haven't had a free day since my last post, I have decided I will try to give up alcohol altogether.  I don't want to be so derailed after my free day.  I feel so good and feel leaner when I am eating clean, and after that free day I feel blah, gross, bloated, low on energy etc.  Nothing good.  So we will see how I do.  I believe I can do it, even with a family that drinks a lot of wine and won't likely support me.

    I did Upper Body today and it was a good one!!! but tuckered me out - It is only 6pm and I want to go to bed. : )

    Hope you all have great days!

  • It's funny how you guys are repeat challengers.  I was in the same boat when I did it again last year.  So far it's been a year and I've managed to keep it off so far.  So I'm routing for all of you but I'm also still trying to maintain.  Although I'm not doing a 12 week challenge (I'm trying to stay on it continuously).  I do change up my exercises every 4 weeks so I'm in my first week of my new routine.  So I'm with you!

  • hi all-

    I just needed to make this more real by reaching out! I started my second go at BFL this past Monday. I was very successful at my first round in 2009 but have gained all the weight back. Very, very disappointed in myself. I have never stopped working out 6 days a week and am really strong and my endurance is fantastic but I can't seem to keep up with the diet. I am 36 years old and am tired of the yo yo!

    Wish me luck and the same to all of you :)

  • Hi,

    It's been a while since I did BFL. My husband and I did it in 1999. It worked great and did change my portion sizes but I didn't stick with the weights. I'm 36 now and am on week 4 of BFL.

    I've been good with the exercise but I only get 5 meals in and I'd like some better eating options.

    I don't see a major difference yet. I started at 119lbs and have just lost 3lbs. I know, don't look at the scale . . .but it's looking at me!

    PS What's up with the cottage cheese? My taste buds were not thrilled with the bite I took.