My second BFL (after 10 years!) - Starting March 17th, 2013

  • Hi everyone - just wanted to say hello, and begin to document my progress somehow, and hopefully find some support as well :) 

    I'm starting BFL tomorrow....35 years old, and need to lose at least 30 pounds. I did BFL about 10 years ago, and did phenomenally.....then the last few years, I've let myself go again. Oddly enough, I ran three 1/2 marathons last year, but seemed to just gain and gain weight in the process. I think the running just made me uber-hungry, and I didn't care. Just goes to show you that excess cardio isn't the answer! I still think that losing weight is 80% diet, and 20% exercise....but weights and HIIT help me stay in line and seem to make me a lot hotter! Haha. 

    So, tomorrow is the big day. I'm all set - I'm going to hit the gym first thing in the morning, and then go to work. I will do the workouts exactly as the book says, but will still do hot yoga on top of that, mainly because I love it. And I may do an occasional long distance run for fun. I hang out with a lot of runners, and don't want to miss out on the good times. 

    If anyone else is starting tomorrow and wants to check in together, I'd be totally up for that! I'd love to have some online BFL buddies to stick with. 



  • Hi Heather,  I'm with you!  I am also 35 and want to go from pant size 8 (very tight) to size 4/6.  

    I am on day 26 and have started a thread "Multiple BFL attempts, 1 successful, starting C2" where I am trying to check in every day + share my successes and struggles.  Everyone seems to have disappeared from that thread but I will still log it there.  I want to have some buddies who will not give up and who will continue to check in.  I found this forum to be very helpful and supportive for the times I felt discouraged and for the times I want to share.

    I hope you had a great first 2 days and look forward to being supportive and being supported.


  • Good luck Heather!  I did the same thing for several years, got out of the gym and focused on cardio/distance running.  This last challenge has really taught me so much about managing body composition.  Keep us posted.

  • Hey, I'm Chad and am starting today. I was gonna start the first of the year but was not motivated. I'm 37 and want to lose 30 to 40lbs.  Good luck to yall.

  • Thanks for the greeting guys! Shelley - where is your thread? I'll check it out!

    The last two days have been good. It's strange how things sorta just come back to you. I did they eyeball thing, but also tracked my percentages on my fitness pal -and noticed I was over on carbs/under on protein - so have to balance that out ideally. I'm going to attempt to avoid all bread, and aim for gluten free carbs unless there aren't any options. I had oatmeal with egg whites for breakie. I work nights often, so that will be a challenge all in itself. But I'll manage.

    I printed out all my workouts for the week, and did UBWO yesterday which was good. My chest/shoulders are sore today, and I was scared they wouldn't be - so that's a good thing! Will do my 20 min HIIT before going into work! Actually excited to run 2 miles :) I may do a 10K or 1/2 marathon in May - but I really want to focus on BFL for now, so we'll just see how I feel then!

    Here's for Day 2!!



  • Ohhhhh!!  Can I join you guys?!  I actually did my last, 100% strict successful BFL challenge 10 years ago and am now getting back at it!  I haven't NOT eaten healthy or exercised for the last 10 years, it's just been different ways to lose weight and intermittently.  I decided this was really the best way to do it, just gotta stick with it and not be obsessed with the scale!

  • Hi Heather,

    Good luck with your challenge !Am in my 3rd week of the challenge and have gone from 147 to 143 which is pretty motivating.Have not skipped a workout and pretty much stayed on track with the mealplans.I do have cravings from time to time but had alot more when I cut carbs out of a previous diet.Lost some weight but gained it all back in no time.My goal weight is 130 but would be happy with 135 and less body fat.How was your first couple of days so far?Hope your not too sore .All the best!!Patti  

  • Hello!

    I also did my first BFL 10 years ago in 2003 and have recently started my 2nd BFL challenge 3 weeks ago on Feb 26th.  I am 39 year old mom with 2 boys (10 & 8) with a starting weight of 140.  3 weeks into my challenge I now weigh 136.  I am hoping to lose another 6.1 pounds to be under 130 before I turn 40!  :-)  I do relate with BACK2BFL with the scale obsession.  With BFL I have to remind myself that my body is changing and not to focus on that number.  Muscle weighs more than fat, I know!

    I support you all and would love to join a thread.  Sounds like we have some similar interests and goals.  I do have questions about how people are mixing up their weight routines, how are they handling the free day and how much and when do you eat your 6th meal?


  • Hey everyone!  I just wanted to pimp out the Cottage Cheese Club forum a bit :-)

    We have a handful of active BFLers that check in almost daily.  I look forward to reading/writing posts each day.  We share our current workout, meal plans (great for ideas if you're in rut), tips/hints and just straight up motivation and encouragement. 

    Come on over, we love to see new members ready to make a (body for) life change! 

  • Hey everyone :) Glad to see so many people with familiar stories! Maybe we should start a daily thread - we could use this one here, or cottage cheese, or start a new one - whatever you think! I just love the support!

    I'm heavier than what most of you have listed - 175lbs. The last challenge, I got down to 139. Now, I can't remember what my starting weight was ! I think I had been in the 160s. Don't know how I let it slide so much!!! But I"m back in the game! And I also have an unhealthy obsession with the scale! But, I have to be nicer to myself, and realize that it doesn't go down every day! I will only weigh myself once a week!

    Sue: From last time, I think I changed up my workouts every week somewhat....not totally, and UBWO changed more often than LBWO because squats and deadlifts are honestly just so all encompassing! My freeday, I started (last time) go all out, but eventually had tapered off to a free meal and drinks. My plan this time around is to have some wine on Friday nights, and a free meal on Saturday with no drinks. I don't want to drink any alcohol on the day of freeday incase it derails the next day. I don't drink a lot anyhow, but do want to have one or two glasses of wine every now and then.

    And, I only do 5 meals. Just don't find I have time for the 6th. When I work nights though, I usually get 6 in, but then I'm awake for more hours.

    So far so good this week - Everything done. Need to up the water intake, and up the protein a bit more/decrease carb intake. I'm trying to do 40/40/20 in actual calories as well - I'm not good at eye balling. All the workouts have been wonderful, but I'm having trouble walking and sitting down! Haha.

    Hope everyone else is doing great! Congrats on those in your third week and seeing loss! You rock! What are you doing on your freedays?


  • Hi Heather, Shelley, jrmcnaircpt, ChadW, Back2BFL, PD123, Sue, and Dang, (sorry if I missed anyone)

    I completed a challenge in 2010 and it was AMAZING.  Didn't really expect to finish it, so proud of myself for doing it and had great results.

    Since then I have done 2 false starts.  Started again this week, so far so good, one brownie incident lol but every day we get a fresh start.

    If you question wether BFL is for real check out my pics from C1.  I plan on updating my profile with current pics and measurements.  I want to loose body fat and build more muscle.   Woohooo, I hope I can do it, you neve know, just have to keep walking the walk.

    Good luck all!!!!   You/We can do it  :)



    If you always do what you've always done, you'll always get what you've always have

  • Hi Laurie :)

    Those are great pics!! Fantastic! How tall are you? You look amazing!

    Darn these false starts!! I'm glad you started again. Forget the brownie, and just keep going!!!


  • So how has week 1 gone?

  • 10 years ago for me, as well...  Just started back 3/18...  Great first week!!!

    Getting back into the 40-40-20 eating...  And trying to get all 6 meals in. Phew!!!

    Excited to find you all.....

  • I am with you all!  I have had so many false starts and one very successful challenge.  This is my second and I am on day 33, however, I have had a bad couple of days, going off the eating plan and slacking on workouts, and I feel like CRAP, but am ready to feel good again and get back on track.

    I sleep 9hrs and so although I am only up for 15 hours, I still feel like I need my 6th meal.  If my 5th meal (dinner) gets to be too much, I may pare down that 6th meal to smaller portion or skip it altogether, but for the most part, I feel I need it.  I also think it helps with the next days workout.

    With my first challenge, my free days were not great and led to an awful feeling the following day.  It took me more than halfway into the challenge to realize that a full free day is not for me, but rather a cheat meal in the evening.   Also, wine is something I really enjoy BUT it really depresses me the following day and really derails my energy level and screws with the diet.  I want to give it up completely, and towards the end of the last challenge, I felt no desire to have wine, but that only lasted a little while and then after that felt deprived.  I love the socializing and wine drinking, but really feel I should give it up.  It is so detrimental to my diet for the a day or 2 following my free day and then I feel like by the time I finally get back on track, another free day is coming.  Arggghhh....

    I had wine last night and so am feeling down today.  But wanting desperately to get back on track.