Starting WEEK #4 of BFL....seeking advice on cravings and food prep?

  • Wondering if anyone is interested in sharing food prep ideas?  Also I'm still having some trouble with my darned food cravings..any advice?

    thx karh

  • What type of ideas are you looking for?  And what type of cravings?  Let me know and maybe I can help.  :)

    :)  Kerry
    2012 Body-for-Life Champion, Women's 30-45

  • A far as food prep and trying to squeeze in 6 meals a day, work, be a mom and a full time I am always pressed for time so preplanning is necessary. In the morning I kind of have 2 breakfasts, Meal 1 is my non-premixed protein shake post workout, then Meal 2 driving to work I like something quick like and egg sandwich (Egg beaters, 2 sausage patties, 2 pieces of flatbread), or plain oatmeal with raisins to add a lil sweetness. For meal 3 I take a small tupperware with dried plain oatmeal with raisins so I can just toss it in the microwave at work and it's a quick eat so no bosses will get mad about lengthy non-lunch on the clock breaks. For lunch which is meal 4 for me I tend to eat the previous nights left overs or sometimes will save leftovers and put them in tupperwares and then combine them throughout the week and each day in the morning package them up for work. I tend to drink a non-premixed protein shake for meal 2 so it fills me up more being it is thicker. For meal 5 I am typically just leaving work so I use a pre-mixed protein shake to drink on the way home. For meal 6 which is dinner I have been testing out some of the yummy recipes on the BFL App. If you are SUPER pressed for time One trick I use to use if you are a salad kinda person is I would buy those big frozen bags of chicken tenderloins and marinade it then cook them all up and then put them in a tupperware for the week and then for lunch take the chicken in one tupperware and the salad in another and then microwave up the chicken and then toss it on the salad and just trade out dressings, it was filling and quick and easy.

    As far as your cravings, I save those for my "Cheat day" and other things throughout the week I have turned to the Sugar-Free option and caffeine free option. Hope some of this is helpful for you.