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  •      Hi everyone,

         I have begun my challenge March  9th, 2013. I am 30 yr old female in Mooresville, North Carolina. I have given birth to 3 boys 3,6, and 9. I am at a reasonable weight but I still don't like how I look in the mirror. I am anemic so those old fashioned *"D" words were not right for me. I choose not to use the "D" word because those are meant as temporary band aids and people always come off of them and cheat and yada yada, I prefer to call it a "Change in Lifestyle". I am a full time mom, full time law student, and work full time but I am determined to using my foods for my energy and my workouts to really give me my energy boost. I get an energy high after I workout. I enjoy running in the Spring and usually do a 2 1/2 mi run at a local park, I like the scenery. My fiance has a strong fitness history with fitness and weight training and hardcore athletics so I am in hopes we can keep each other motivated through this challenge. He has elected to take the challenge also and get back his jock bod.

         My hardest give up that I thought I was going to have was my coffee and my green tea. I LOVE my coffee, it's like my comfort food but I have been told that with this challenge I cannot have caffeine. It's not been too terrible so far and ive gone from 3 normal cups of coffee to 1-2 cups of decaf as my morning drink and just something to wind down after supper. The easiest part of this challenge for me is I am a snacker not much of a large meal person. I don't mean I pig out on fatty snacks but like a healthy snacker and pick at foods such as on almonds, or pistachios, things like that mainly protein based. My other dilemma is I like to drink liquids much more than I do snacking.

         I can honestly say I grew up as an obese child and had weight problems all my life till I found a stable weight 5 years ago I never thought possible, I am really excited to take it even farther now and actually tone it all up and reach a new goal weight. 

    * "D" Word= Diet

    work full time b ut I am    

  • First of all, congratulations for taking control of your health and taking those first steps.  These pictures will be so crucial as you move forward and make progress.  I hope you also did measurements and body fat.  As far as caffeine, I have no idea where you got your information.  You can drink as much tea and coffee as you want.  It's the junk that most people put in their coffee that is not allowed.  Actually, caffeine may help you with energy levels, which you will need as you progress with this challenge.  Drink up!!!  If you have not read the book yet, I do suggest reading it cover to cover to understand the concept of the challenge.  Best of luck to you!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • Thank you :). I've been a very healthy person just never really overly toned anything up. I actually have been reading online and some of the youtube postings and they say that caffeine dehydrates you so if you choose to do the caffeine then you must overcompensate it with higher water intake. I did take my measurements and I am proud to say I lost 1/2in on my biceps, lost 1/2in on my triceps, lost 1in on my thighs, lost 2% body fat, lost 2lbs overall scale weight, and GAINED 11g of Lean Muscle Mass after week 1 was complete.

  • Closing of Week 1- I am proud to say I lost 1/2in on my biceps, lost 1/2in on my triceps, lost 1in on my thighs, lost 2% body fat, lost 2lbs overall scale weight, and GAINED 11g of Lean Muscle Mass

  • Way to go! You look great, such a lovely foundation to build upon. You must really be on your game to know your numbers AND see improvement early on.

    PS I read in the champ. BFL book that coffee is a-okay. Bill mentions his coffee in the 1st book, but the second one specifically says its fine, and that the brain can process information more efficiently with a little caffeine. Just don't drink a gallon of it (dehydration) and don't add extra calories/fat :-D

  • Oh duh me, the coffee thing was already addressed. Maybe I should have had some today lol or read other comments before I reply :-P