Days like today

  • Didn't want to get up, the scale and mirror were equally demotivating this morning (even in week 10).  I managed to get to the gym (even though I was late) and fight through a good LBWO.  But, getting a chance to read through the forum this morning provided that boost I've needed today.

    Thanks guys!

  • It's often those days you're not feeling it that you tend to get the best workouts in.  I think just making yourself go is the first step; once you get there and get going, you know you're gonna win!!  Way to push through and make it happen.  Remember, it starts from the inside out, sometimes the mirror and scale take a little longer to catch up to the amazing changes you are making inside your body.  Keep up the great work!!

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • I agree. And the biggest challenges yield the greatest rewards. When things suck and you preserve, you grow. Hang in there all! I am only at day 4 and I have a lot of frustrations in my personal life right now. Body for Life is all I can control! I am happy I can control something! The old me would go our for fast food and ice cream to cope!

  • What sticks out to me the most from your post is "week 10". Dude! 10 weeks in a row is amazing. The most I have done so far is 10 days (as of today). I hope I can stick it out like you have. And to do it that long before you feel really wowed by your appearance shows true resiliance and faith. That takes so much inner strength. I am sure it will soon shine through outwardly if you stay on it like you have.

  • Thank you all.  My first goal was 84 days!  And I WILL get there.  Hallie and Caity, I know it's still early in the journey for both of you.  It is WAY TOO EASY to fall of the wagon.  Make a habit of flipping through this forum.  You'll find that 20 minutes on the forum rivals the benefit of 20 minutes on the treadmill!  (You still have to do both).