Restart in the morning

  • Hi I'M GINA

    I m back at it. I'm 46 and have 50 lbs to get rid of.  I would love meal advice from those females that have done it.



  • Hello

     Have you tried the body for life book? It has it all there for you to follow.

  • I highly recommend getting the book and reading it from cover to cover.  Not only will it provide you with meal ideas, but also with the motivation and mindset you need to start a successful challenge.  Best wishes.

    "The only person you should try to be better than, is the person you were yesterday!"

  • I also recommend reading the book and there is also great info on this website. I read the book and although I made a few modifications, my workout is almost identical. I kept a workout log and a food journal. I also took weekly photos to track my progress. I used Myoplex Lite shake mix and EAS lean bars and tried to keep my calories at about 1300-1400 day. My first aerobic exercise was walking three miles. I did that three times per week along with my regular workouts.  I did all my workouts in the morning. I will be honest - at first it was hard-but you will see results quickly. This is not a diet - it is the best lifestyle change you will ever make. I completed my challenge moths ago and I am still eating healthy and working out. I don't have to count calories anymore because I have totally changed the way I eat.  I know you can do it. Keep up the great work!

    Carolyn Aragon

    Body-for-LIFE Champion 2012, Women 46+