Day 4 and I'm sore! 1st post

  • Hey everyone! I just made an account last night and this is my first post. I'm still figuring out how to add info to my profile and stuff. I created a new challenge and I'm only in the first week so there wasn't a whole lot to put in it. Anyway, I have the body for life book 1st edition from 1999, my parents gave it to me years ago. I've had it for a long time but I was never healthy enough to really start the challenge until now. I am SO appreciative of my body, even though its really out of shape, I have a lot of body fat and I'm at the age where my muscle has started to degenerate. I tried to stay slim in the worst ways possible and it was so hard, now this feels so good and easy in comparison (keywords IN COMPARISON lol). I'm just so glad I can do the fitness. Its amazing how the diet really works the way it says in the book. I really feel better and stronger and able to do stuff when I eat the protein like it says. 

    I am 5 10' and I weigh well over 200lbs. I'll find out what I weigh when I go to the doctor today. I don't own a scale cuz I used to weigh myself obsessively and it ruined me mentally.Today I am so insanely sore from doing the lower body that I don't think I can do the aerobic until later. I've done the workout fasted every day so far, I'm afraid I will blow it if I do it differently. But I honestly don't think my legs are ready this morning. Alieve is my BFF this week. My muscles are so weak that its hard to even support my body weight, so the dumbbells I use are within the 5-12 pound range. But my quads are just ruined this morning. I noticed that about an hour after the first meal I feel way better emotionally and physically. Yesterday I woke up sore and almost said screw the whole thing. I was so grumpy. But I made it, did the workout fasted and ate according to the plan. Then an hour after my first meal I didn't feel grumpy or as sore. I had more carbs than I was supposed to by like 3 portions but I had enough protein. I am really trying to adjust with the carbs. My diet before was like nothing but white rice, hot sauce, beans bread and butter. omg right? I didn't even know how to cook chicken. 

    My husband has been very supportive. He helps me a lot. He doesn't bring junk food home and has helped me learn to cook different meat. Also he has absolutely never shamed me for my past ways of living and never says hurtful things about my body in effort to "motivate" me. He's always said he wants me to be healthy and happy. My family was very critical of my body and lifestyle and it only made me hate myself and feel shame. I would encourage anyone dealing with that to kindly tell them that shame and criticism of your body does not help. Thats what I had to do and its taken about 2 years to silence their voice that echoed criticism in my mind. I realize now that they just wanted to help because it feels so much better to live healthy like they do. My brother is a pro athlete and going into upper grad for health and fitness. My parents are nurses and workout regularly and eat very healthy food. I have support at home with my husband, but I have moments where I really want to be part of a community who is also doing this. Sometimes I need a helping hand, and often I feel so good about this that I want to share it with others.

  • Hi Caity!  First off, awesome job!  You could be sitting home doing absolutley nothing, but you aren't!  This program is tough, but 100% worth it!  It's day 4 for me today, too, and I am MEGA sore.  But good sore, because that just means we're working hard :-)

    I'm a little pissed at your family.  Fat-shaming is NEVER ok.  Especially from people you love.  You are awesome!

    Please join us over on the Cottage Cheese Club board. :-)  Just a bunch of encouraging gals checking in all the time.  The support I've gotten in the past 2 days has been amazing!

    Hope to see you there!


  • LiL Caity,

      Keep up the good work! Unfortunately the soreness is part of the process. Every day will get better as you get stronger.  This is a lifestyle change you will never regret making. I entered the Challenge in 2000 but I gave up. When I entered again in 2012 I was determined to succeed. My first few days I walked and completed very few reps in my workout. I kept walking, modified my workouts and increased my reps and weight.  I did my best every day for twelve weeks.  I found working out in the morning worked best for me. That way I was done with my workout and could focus on my food choices. I kept food, workout and photo journals.  After 12 weeks I was the best shape of my life and had developed healthier eating habits. None of my clothes fit and I had boundless energy...and if that wasn't great enough - I won the Challenge! One bad day won't destroy your dreams, but quitting will.

    Carolyn Aragon

    2012 Body-for-LIFE Champion, Women 46+

  • Hey there!

    There are definitely days that I don't want to do the cardio after the weight training..  but I always do.  It's better to go a little slower than to not go at all.  Also, cardio helps get rid of the soreness by increasing the blood flow.  :)  Just remember to take it one day at a time!

    :)  Kerry
    2012 Body-for-Life Champion, Women's 30-45

  • Go Day 4 Club! And thanks Champions for logging on to inspire us! I am sore as well and also lucky to have a super supportive partner. He cooks great stuff like stuffed bell peppers and egg white omelets!